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Poetic Justice
Phil Jackson was angered, 'twas easy to see,
If you heard him talk I'm sure you'd agree.
He had the notion he'd been double-crossed
'Cause he didn't think that his team should have lost

"Outrageous!" He cried, "It's outrageous, I say,
We didn't lose because of our play.
The referees robbed us, they stole us blind,
And all those officials can kiss my behind!"

Phil was quite sure that upon close review
The NBA would levy a stiff fine or two.
It didn't take long they proved Jackson right,
They charged Derek Harper for starting a fight.

Miller would pay, too, for throwing some blows
Another guy paid because of his toes
Getting just to half court, barely crossing the line.
But wait a minute, there was one more fine.

The NBA figured that people should be
Accountable for words about a referee.
Talk isn't so cheap when you are the one
That gets fined ten grand like coach Phil Jackson.


This used to be funny, just trust me, it was--
But some of the humor's now gone just because
That same night Chicago proceeded to pound
The whole team of Pacers clean into the ground.

Frank Leany

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