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Links are a powerful element of the internet. I find all kinds of cool stuff that I'd like to share but, for starters with whom? I don't know what you want, or if you even care, or if it's really true that nobody ever comes here or if my site stats are just busted. It's hard to justify the time to build web pages for nobody to look at.

Then, I figure if you had any interest in the topic at all, you've already used the best link I could give you:


Having said that (yeah, I'm insane, why do you ask?) here are some sites you might check out.

Jordan's Eagle Project.

Amazing Grace on the Sax

Ken Block Gymkhana Practice

Duke Boys Car Chase

The John Galt Society

It can be discouraging to look around at who's running the show these days and wonder "Where have all the grown-ups gone?" Take heart. There are still some people who are not drinking the Kool-aid. Here's where to find them.

Michelle Malkin is a feisty conservative bastion. You loved her book "Unhinged" and you can read her columns here.

Ann Coulter posts her new column every Thursday, or you can browse her past columns.

George Will What can you say? It's George Will. Read it.

Charles Krauthammer posts every Friday. Just a good, smart conservative columnist.

Thomas Sowell gets it just as right, but is easier to read. He just posts at random times.

Jonah Goldberg seldom disappoints.

David Limbaugh carries on the family tradition.

Marianne Jennings is Professor of Legal and Ethical Studies for ASU, she used to write an insightful column with a common-sense stance.

Jewish World Review has all these guys plus lots more good stuff.

Or you can go to radio show sites like Laura Ingraham's or Glenn Beck's or Rush Limbaugh's..

Or study The Constitution

Then there's always,,, The Drudge Report, World Net Daily, (which Medved calls World Nut Daily), News Busters, National Review Online, or The American Thinker.

For the Lighter Appetite

If you have to read the news, I recommend The Nose on Your Face, news so fake you'd swear it came from the Mainstream Media.
Or there's always The Onion. (For the benefit of you Obama Supporters, it's a spoof.)

Or check out Dilbert, or Dave Barry's Column.

Daryl Cagle's Political Cartoons About half of these cartoonists are liberal (Latin for wrong) but the art is good.
Townhall Political Cartoons In case you want cartoons that are well-drawn and don't make your jugular burst.

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Things you may not know about Sarah Palin

Obama's Magic 8 Ball

Check back occasionally for more links. Gimme a break. I've got a job I have to hold down.

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