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Requiem to Seinfeld

I see that the funniest guy that I know
Is leaving TV--They're canceling his show.
A show about nothing, the reviewers all say
But everyone watches it most every day.

This guy's no one special like most movie stars
If anything his life's more screwed up than ours.
And to make it more funny this guy is aloof
To the fact that everyone around him's a goof.

The cast is amazing in its dimwittedness
What they will do next is anyone's guess.
The leading lady is funny because
She takes herself seriously when no one else does.

Each week's situation is funny and shocking
And keeps the whole country in stitches and talking
Ridiculous stuff that you never could see
Any place in the world except on TV.

Last year we heard that he would soon be gone
His writers all left, but he just kept right on.
Love him or hate him you just can't ignore him,
He's brought in more money than any before him.

The star has achieved lots of fortune and fame
Though six years ago I'd not heard his name
In spite of all that, he's not there for money
At least so he says, that's why he's so funny.

With him gone TV will be less entertaining
For all of the reason's that I've been explaining.
But now that Bill Clinton is leaving the air
I'll have to watch Seinfeld instead while it's there.

Frank Leany

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