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Taking on Bullies

I watched "Enough" this weekend. I won't worry about ruining the story for you, because by the time I finally rent a video the rest of the world's seen it twice. In this movie, Jennifer Lopez's character is married to a man who thumps on her and she decides she's not going to take it anymore. It's kind of a "Sleeping with the Enemy" with a child tossed in.

It was kind of neat because Janeen Garofalo, Martin Sheen and Sean Penn took a break from their war protesting to come and watch it with me.

As soon as the husband starting thumping on JLo's character, they all started piping up. "Man, just let it go," Martin Sheen said. "You don't want to be rocking the boat, man." Janeen Garofalo said "She provoked him! She brought it on herself. He wouldn't hit her if she didn't provoke him!" Sheen said "Talk it out! Give him a chance to cooperate. You haven't even given him a chance!"

"Yo," Sean Penn added.

Sheen pointed out that she didn't have any reason to think that he'd do it again. She had no proof that he'd beat her again. Sean Penn was just getting ready to say "Dude" when the doorbell rang.

It was George Clooney. I told him we were watching "Enough" and he was welcome to join us. "Oh, I love that movie!" he said.

When JLo's character started getting ready to take on her abusive husband, Garofalo said "Oh, that Jennifer Lopez's character is just evil. She reminds me of Hitler!" Martin Sheen said "She's just going to go it alone. She can't do that." Garofalo chimed in saying that if she went after him she was only giving him more reason to come after her. Sean Penn said, "Yo, dude."

George Clooney got into the fray, "There's no way she can win."

I thought you'd already seen this show, I said to Clooney.

"Oh, I have. Two or three times. I'm betting she can't do it again." I think he was reaching for his wallet.

Well, just in case you haven't seen the movie, I won't ruin the ending. I'll just tell you, I was rooting for the abused wife the whole time. Not standing up to a bully is just plain wrong.

Frank Leany

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