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TV Ratings Re-visited

Everyone's seen the new TV rating system that warns parents when the program they're watching may not be suitable for their impressionable youngsters. There are ratings like TVG, TVPG, TV13, TV14, and TVM. I'd like to suggest one more rating: TVBS. That's the parental warning that would apply anytime a White House aid or democrat from congress is trying to explain away the latest White House scandal. Let me illustrate the influence that has on kids.

I was watching one of the Sunday morning news programs with my grade school-aged son sitting beside me on the couch. I was pleased to see him taking such an interest in current events. On the program, somebody was explaining away the creative (pronounced "unethical") fund-raising techniques of a certain former governor of Arkansas. As nearly as I could gather their defense was "We were forced to do illegal, immoral and unethical things to be competitive with the legitimate fund-raising efforts of the other side. We are as shocked, appalled and dismayed as anyone at the abysmal failure of the system which allows the president to do immoral, illegal and unethical things, and we speak strongly about reform at each of the big fund-raisers we hold. Besides, the president can invite any close personal friend he wants to sleep over in the White House."

I guess I should have considered the consequences of my son's new found interest in current events. You see, the next week we got a call from his principal. I was shocked to learn that my own son had been shaking down first-graders for their lunch money. I immediately called Junior into his room for a little chat. When confronted, he at first feigned ignorance then pretended to be amazed that I'd even brought the subject up. He couldn't deny doing it, but he asked "Why are you asking me about this? Sis made twice that much money last week off her paper route."

"That may be true," I answered, "But what you did was wrong."

"Listen, Dad," Junior patiently explained. "I'm as shocked, dismayed and outraged at the failures of the system as anybody. Clearly there's an critical need for reform here. That's what I tell the first graders every chance I get."

"Do you tell them that while you're stealing their lunch money?" I asked.

"Really, Dad, this sort of thing has always gone on to some degree or another. You know that. I'm really not doing anything that hasn't always been to some extent."

"Son, I'm disappointed in you. I would have expected you to assume a leadership role and set an example of what should be done. Instead, you're looking for excuses for doing a very bad thing."

"Look, Dad." He said. "If my close personal friends want to give me their lunch money, who am I to say they can't?"

In the end I just did what any parent would do and suspended his TV privileges for a week, but I guess I should be proud of him. He's got the makings to be president someday.

Frank Leany

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