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Comments:Transported back to childhood - Sam McGee moments. I can hear Dad singing: Is anybody going to San Antone, or Phoenix Arizona. Anyplace is all right as long as I can forget I’ve ever known her.
November 5, 2017 13:03:30 (GMT Time)

Comments:Gay marriage, which I naively supported, is a prime example of taking a mile. While the rice was still flying the tyrants started browbeating businesses, denying their basic rights to choose who they will serve. That quickly segued into transgender rights; men dressed as women in whatever bathroom they choose, people with a mental illness (gender dysphoria)in the military, taxpayers financing sex change operations.
October 9, 2017 14:06:25 (GMT Time)

Name:The Grumpy Conservative
Comments:Exactly right. I was kinda' surprised Bill stepped on his tongue with the "Craziest thing you ever saw" comment.
December 13, 2016 16:02:57 (GMT Time)

Comments:One more item for Hillary's blame file - open enrollment. (She should have orchestrated that to happen after the election.) It was funny to watch the news anchors report on escalating health insurance premiums, stepping on their tongues to avoid saying why health insurance costs are out of control.
November 15, 2016 13:19:06 (GMT Time)

Comments:I used to believe that Republicans and Democrats all want the same thing for America - they just have different ideas about how to get there. Wrong. Again.
November 15, 2016 12:50:58 (GMT Time)

Comments:Black Lives Matter is providing proof to the people who were already prejudiced, and pushing the borderline people to be prejudiced.
July 28, 2016 14:16:28 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Conservative
Comments:I liked your comments about mobile devices, but I couldn't find any thumbs up button to click on to indicate that. I may have to do what Val suggested and put this in a real blog format. . . . or not
July 20, 2016 20:19:47 (GMT Time)

Comments:It's no bother to click the comment button. But most people (even oldsters like me) read blogs on a phone or tablet. It is tedious to type out a thoughtful comment on a tiny keypad. The FB like/sad/angry buttons are handy for lazy readers, and for those who can't form coherent sentences.
June 24, 2016 13:49:35 (GMT Time)

Comments:This is the most transparent administration in history - we can see clear through what they are trying to pull. If the words don't matter, why pull the stunt of redacting the transcripts?
June 24, 2016 13:44:26 (GMT Time)

Comments:Imaginary kudos! Spot on, as usual.
May 3, 2016 01:10:12 (GMT Time)

Comments:Love your analogies! Too bad about the car dealership. Everyone agrees with your sentiments about car salesmen, most even see the truth about Obama and the Clintons.
May 3, 2016 00:54:14 (GMT Time)

May 3, 2016 00:47:04 (GMT Time)

Comments:Hsre is a hint. Get a Bluetooth transmitter. Use it to listen to your music on your iPhome in your radio. Never again will you have to listen to talk radio. Of course then your blog will go silent.
February 10, 2015 05:01:21 (GMT Time)

Comments:Je Suis Charlie. Had to say that before I even read anything. Ok catching up on my reading now.
January 23, 2015 17:35:21 (GMT Time)

Comments:Finally got the time to read Robin Williams tribute. Well done. Lather rinse repeat - too real. Happy Sunday.
August 31, 2014 19:47:45 (GMT Time)

July 22, 2014 13:30:33 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Tester
Comments:Just wanted to see if this sumbuck works . . . figured it was broken since none of my three readers ever comments here . . .
July 21, 2014 15:02:27 (GMT Time)

Comments:And to give you your years supply of comments: Obama donating 5% of his salary would not compensate for 1% of what the American Taxpayers have paid for one of his vacations so excuse me if I don't get all excited.
July 11, 2014 00:23:34 (GMT Time)

Comments:"I tried to care about money but couldn't" Chelsea Clinton whose salary for 0-3 appearances a YEAR at NBC was $600,000. Yeah. I don't care either. Perhaps you could give me one year of your salary since I don't anticipate making that much this next decade.
July 11, 2014 00:21:08 (GMT Time)

Comments:Ok, I get the hint. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It would be easier to comment if the comments were in context to the post. You might get 3-6 comments a year in that case.
July 11, 2014 00:13:56 (GMT Time)

Comments:Agreed the presidents lifestyle has zero to do with how much he makes. Here you go if you're interested in what is paid in taxes. http://www.taxhistory.org/www/website.nsf/Web/PresidentialTaxReturns
April 5, 2013 10:47:21 (GMT Time)

Comments:I heard rumor a few days ago that another update,was imminent. I must have been mistaken.
March 11, 2013 05:04:57 (GMT Time)

Comments:Hmmm, I don't see a link to your oh so brilliant sister's site here. How oh how will your 3 readers know how to find it? Hmmmm, speaking of that, I'd better set up links on my site.
January 21, 2013 05:56:56 (GMT Time)

Comments:A123. Hello? The company the gumming bailed out that went bankrupt. When did you get a life and stop paying attention to such details?
December 17, 2012 19:09:01 (GMT Time)

Comments:Well old friend.. no one could say it better. The next question might be....where is the point of no return? Did we pass it somewhere while I wasn't paying attention?
November 10, 2012 05:22:20 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Shaking My Head
Comments:That's the question. America can handle a man in the Presidency who has no business being there. It can't survive a populace stupid enough to re-elect him.
November 7, 2012 23:26:22 (GMT Time)

Comments:I can't freakin believe the idiot got voted in again! What next?
November 7, 2012 20:13:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Blogger
Comments:I just figured 123 was just Sesame Street and learning to count. Not sure what the A123 reference is.
October 18, 2012 16:55:23 (GMT Time)

Name:Your favorite (only?) reader
Comments:Love the big bird cartoon where Obummer runs up the ladder with a bag of money - building number 123 as in A123? In purpose or koinkydink?
October 17, 2012 21:58:01 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy html editor
Comments:All the previous/next links should be fixed now. Let me know if you find anything amiss still. January 2009 "previous" takes you to the current blog
May 14, 2012 23:13:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy html editor
Comments:I removed everything older than 2009. Now that I have more storage space I could put it back. I'm shocked that anyone wants to read what I said this month, much less from a few years ago.
May 14, 2012 23:12:15 (GMT Time)

Comments:This is sick and wrong. When I go previous on February 2011, it takes me to November 2011, that's just deja vu all over again. How do I get back to say like 2006?
May 9, 2012 22:16:12 (GMT Time)

Comments:Four readers? Did I read that correctly FOUR readers? That's massive! Wow, you've hit the big time. You're purt near famous.
May 3, 2012 14:15:10 (GMT Time)

Comments:The random gun shot of "Finally Preparedness Has Been Achieved" showed up today. Ummm . . . when did you sneak in and shoot a picture of my linen closet? You should see the gun safe if you like that one.
April 17, 2012 20:28:56 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Conservative
Comments:Awww, Julia . . . Wait, did Maggie hack your account again?
December 19, 2011 18:18:31 (GMT Time)

Comments:Hi. I love you with a sincere. platonic love. Thanks for being such an interesting person. I wish we could hang out more.
December 18, 2011 07:10:17 (GMT Time)

Comments:Gaaaaaaaack... I can't get my comment & my name down at the same time! Could it be due to my coming here to read only when I'm desperately sleep-deprived?
October 21, 2011 07:16:09 (GMT Time)

Comments:Thanks for the mention on 10/7. You were right. xoxo
October 21, 2011 07:12:49 (GMT Time)

October 21, 2011 07:10:46 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Message Leaver
Comments:Little late for September's message, but maybe we'll get two of them in October to even things out . . .
October 12, 2011 21:08:15 (GMT Time)

Comments:Um, if you're a bad parent, I quit. What the . . . ever. And wow, you have posted so much in the past 2 months it took me almost a half hour to read it all what's up with that? Please keep it up and congrats on evicting the old renter. When can I move in with my 14 grandkids and 8 dogs? I only smoke crack on days ending in Y and I swear I'm looking for a job, well I did before my 99 weeks of unemployment ran out.
August 31, 2011 18:18:42 (GMT Time)

July 15, 2011 15:40:46 (GMT Time)

Comments:So you're really worrying about what you haven't taught your kids? Every moment of every day? Knock it off! You can't change the past. Focus on today, then tomorrow. You really do have great kids, and I believe it's impossible to be a perfect parent. Be happy, kind, instructive, firm, loving, consistent. Model the adult you'd like them to be. Stop beating yourself up; that doesn't help anybody. Oh, and sit down for a few minutes. Relax. I will now step down from my soap box to remind you that I like you forever. Thanks for everything you are & do.
July 8, 2011 07:54:40 (GMT Time)

Comments:I'm glad to see you're back in the blogging business, and that you're not on the "birther" bandwagon. Couldn't agree more on the Osama thing. He was in dire need of meeting his maker. I'll like you forever. xoxo
May 4, 2011 19:54:17 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy theorist
Comments:I think you may be right about consequences . . . I've been gnawing away on that theory more to get the explanation to align with the observed facts
February 1, 2011 16:25:19 (GMT Time)

Comments:If you stop posting your blog does that mean I'll have to do one? Nah I'm too lazy. Keep it up. Re: consequences. I'm of the opinion that you have to have a conscience to reap consequences thus the plethora of people out there committing crimes and not getting caught.
January 26, 2011 20:33:15 (GMT Time)

Comments:And . . . one good thing about being in an alternate universe. In this universe, the Jazz have a chance of winning an NBA championship. Yeah, ok, not even in this universe.
January 21, 2011 00:20:48 (GMT Time)

Comments:Naah, I like it that you aren't careful about what you say. Please don't tone it down.
January 21, 2011 00:19:53 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Blogger
Comments:Like I always say . . . if I had known anyone was paying attention I would have been more careful about what I say
January 20, 2011 20:51:05 (GMT Time)

Comments:Re: Pilot Killers. I take my shoes off without untying them because my feet are so skinny I don't have to untie them. PBBBLLLTT. Another Pilot Killer. People who stand in the MIDDLE of a supermarket aisle looking at product or stand 2 deep with their carts blocking the aisle talking to each other. Of course they ARE the only people on the planet. That's the problem these days. Feel free to expound.
January 20, 2011 18:24:03 (GMT Time)

Comments:Amen. I went next door to talk to our neighbors (married for 40 years) whose house is up for short sale. Turns out they're getting a divorce. Huh? Um wait. I think I we're in an alternate universe.
January 20, 2011 18:18:46 (GMT Time)

Name:Lakers Fan
Comments:Oh wait, no I'm not. Ouch my fingers hurt typing those words. Going down to watch the Jazz pull defeat from the jaws of victory again.
January 13, 2011 02:21:02 (GMT Time)

Comments:That's it? I go away for a few days because you didn't post and that's all you post? Come on . . . I'm waaaaaaaiting
January 8, 2011 17:39:15 (GMT Time)

Comments:Not true old friend, I benefit. I enjoy every word, so do Clint and Stan. We check in all the time and wonder why you don't have your own TV show yet. Thanks for your time!
January 6, 2011 23:31:48 (GMT Time)

Comments:Just figured out why you can't post much on the blog these days. How many times can you say the same thing. To quote some famous philosopher or something... "2012 can't come soon enough."
November 12, 2010 21:40:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Argentine
Comments:Thanks. Tio Salvador, a better name for cousins once removed because it's a generation removed
November 4, 2010 21:21:54 (GMT Time)

Comments:Isabel Allende
October 30, 2010 17:16:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Chilean
Comments:His niece is an author?
October 28, 2010 19:47:37 (GMT Time)

Comments:Why is it that every time you mention Salvador Allende I happen to be reading one of his niece's books? This time one based on Chile? Coinkidink? I think not.
October 22, 2010 17:56:43 (GMT Time)

Comments:I've come up with a solution for Obama's problems. Instead of traveling the country letting people know that he could wear striped socks if he wasn't President (yeah that helps him connect) he should just find out who is on EUIC in each town and send 50,000 to each of them to let them know he cares. That would mean a lot more and cost a less.
October 6, 2010 16:33:43 (GMT Time)

Comments:Re Gymkhana: Even my Mercury Milan will do those things. You've just gotten too conservative. I remember when I took a drive with you you wouldn't even push it to its limits. Geesh. Old age.
October 6, 2010 16:32:01 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Driver
Comments:I wondered the same thing. I really, REALLY, need another hot rod.
October 4, 2010 15:38:02 (GMT Time)

Comments:Love the Gymkhana. How come you don't drive like that any more?
October 1, 2010 02:50:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Family Guy
Comments:That's high praise. Thanks.
September 16, 2010 14:14:23 (GMT Time)

Comments:Love the mosque one. You're as politically incorrect as Family Guy.
August 11, 2010 03:58:26 (GMT Time)

Comments:Hey grumpy scouter: Couldn't have put it better if I'd said it myself. ROTFL
August 10, 2010 21:21:10 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Scouter
Comments:Most definitely. It would have been extremely awkward had Obama shown up. A scout is courteous, but I don't think Obama is worthy to address a group of that nature.
August 6, 2010 21:06:26 (GMT Time)

Comments:Great Jamboree coverage. Looks like Obama came through as usual. Probably made it more comfortable that he didn't show.
August 5, 2010 00:20:37 (GMT Time)

Comments:Yeah, I see it plain as day now that you mention it.
July 20, 2010 14:41:16 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy html coder
Comments:Fixed it. Thanks. Just an extra space.
July 16, 2010 19:20:22 (GMT Time)

Comments:Problem with this code - whatever picture is supposed to be there it is just code: < img src="http://media.townhall.com/Townhall/Car/b/mrz071210dAPR20100710024532.jpg" border="0">
July 16, 2010 14:38:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Color Blind
Comments:Funny, my parents raised me the same way . . .
July 8, 2010 14:28:50 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Legal Resident
Comments:Bill, yeah, isn't that amazing? Not that he's damaging America as a political tactic, but that he admitted it to a Republican. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/06/21/kyl-obama-wont-secure-border-lawmakers-immigration-package/
July 8, 2010 14:28:06 (GMT Time)

Comments:When I was growing up, my parents didn't preach tolerance. Therefore, I was in college before I discovered that most of my friends weren't the same race or religion as me and I was supposed to judge them because of that. Never got the hang of that. That is my facebook status today. That being said, I know Obama is black, he is also a waste of skin.
June 27, 2010 22:25:21 (GMT Time)

Comments:You're way ahead of me, but just in case you haven't heard this...SEN. JON KYL: I met with the president in the Oval Office, just the two of us… Here’s what the president said. “The problem is,” he said, "If we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform.”
June 21, 2010 19:58:38 (GMT Time)

Comments:You're getting mighty brave here. Man, if this Todd really existed, it would be like me working at Talco Trucking and the incompetent daughter-in-law having a job while I now don't. Hey, wait a minute . . .
June 3, 2010 22:06:12 (GMT Time)

Comments:This whole global warming thing has me so confused. I was looking at photos from May 6 of last year taken in front of my blooming tulips with the grandkids. They haven't even budded yet this year, no leaves or grass yet either. Had to wear a parka to go outside again. It made it up to 38, sleeted all day. I guess I have warm and cold confused or something.
May 7, 2010 05:15:36 (GMT Time)

Comments:Was going to listen to Amazing Grace on the Sax again and the link is broken. BTW do you know that we played Amazing Grace on Keyboard and Guitar IN AN LDS CHAPEL for Dave's Grandmother's funeral *at her request*
May 3, 2010 20:48:15 (GMT Time)

Comments:Thought you might be amused by the quote i just read..."I don't want us to do something just for the sake of politics that doesn't solve the problem," Obama told reporters Wednesday night aboard Air Force One. really?
April 30, 2010 03:46:58 (GMT Time)

Comments:I was going to take a photo of the beautiful spring day this morning but the wind was blowing so hard I gave up trying to get the snow frozen around the screen door off and cuddled back into my blanket. On the plus side, if it's warm enough to keep snowing, it isn't freezing. 33 degrees right now in the howling wind.
April 6, 2010 16:46:45 (GMT Time)

Comments:Feel free to use it in a ramble, an analogy, whatever. My pleasure.
March 26, 2010 23:28:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Grief Counselor
Comments:Excellent point. No means no . . . Wow.
March 24, 2010 15:14:12 (GMT Time)

Comments:Just wondering how Obama's going to explain "no means no" to his daughters when he just raped the US.
March 24, 2010 13:40:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Historian
Comments:United States of America 7/4/1776 - 3/21/2010
March 23, 2010 18:23:06 (GMT Time)

Comments:And that wasn't a pun.
March 22, 2010 18:00:27 (GMT Time)

Comments:When I picked up my prescription at the pharmacist last week, I joked that i was tired of all the card reading machines being different. My pharmacist said "when we become a Communist state, they won't be." I said, so sometime during the Obama administration, huh. Laugh. Looks like I meant Tuesday. It's a black day for America.
March 22, 2010 17:51:28 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy American
Comments:Lobby: from the Latin word sucupicus, meaning "to bribe"
March 20, 2010 22:57:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Bill Young
Comments:..."This is a defining moment for whether or not we'll have any opportunity to move off square one on healthcare," Kucinich said in announcing his switch two days after Obama lobbied him on an Air Force One flight to Kucinich's home state of Ohio. What is the definition of the word "lobbied" as it is used in this sentance?
March 18, 2010 14:30:50 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Golfer
Comments:What's the difference between an SUV and a golf ball? Tiger can drive a golf ball 400 yards.
December 6, 2009 20:26:54 (GMT Time)

Comments:Francis, you crack me up.... but if you can make it work I'll buy the bacon. I'll have to tell you the story about buying 20 little piglets and turning them lose at the mosque here with about 100 men inside....just like the old days
November 18, 2009 20:09:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Airplane Quoter
Comments:Truly, I picked a bad week to quit swearing . . .
November 17, 2009 16:23:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Prophet
Comments:Did I call it or did I call it? It's so nice to live in a universe that is so simple that the answer to any issue is "Bush's fault!" That raises the question, if God can do anything, can He create a rock so heavy that he can't move it? If one man (Bush) is capable of causing all the destruction in the world is one god (Obama) capable of fixing it?
November 17, 2009 16:22:19 (GMT Time)

Name:Thank you Mr. Bush
Comments:Will the list ever stop growing of how much he destroyed our country in such a small time. This is interesting, regardless of who we blame. http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2009/11/14/weekinreview/15chinagready.html
November 17, 2009 14:39:30 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy soap box racer
Comments:The Gravity Gran Prix is back on! I hope I got you before you turned your car into firewood. The night after it happened I had an Obama voter moment. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking "What have I done?"
November 10, 2009 01:20:17 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy disorganized blogger
Comments:Okay, maybe I'll work on that. I just figured since I get an average of three comments a year it would be a waste of my energy to put any more structure to it.
November 10, 2009 01:18:35 (GMT Time)

Comments:You REALLY need to get comments under each individual entry. I have some really choice things to say about things, but since I only ready your blog once in a while, my comments would seem random if I posted them now.
November 4, 2009 05:38:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Physicist
Comments:Noooooo! Chris, you can't do that! If you agree with me, we'll send the Universe spinning off its axis. You're dealing with forces you can't possibly understand!
September 11, 2009 21:23:54 (GMT Time)

Comments:We agree on something!! The I pledge video should not be shown to any American. Nobody should be a "servant to our President." The President is a servant to his bosses, us, the American people.
September 8, 2009 23:47:50 (GMT Time)

Comments:By the way Chris, That quote did not come from a beer company...
September 2, 2009 00:18:36 (GMT Time)

Comments:"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." - Samuel Adams
September 2, 2009 00:15:50 (GMT Time)

Comments:LOL--I'm thinking the character limit is a good think. Thanks for the pdf. I'll take a look at it.
August 31, 2009 22:25:07 (GMT Time)

Name:Need longer comments
Comments:However, I am also a realist and know the free market has not existed in this country for over 100 years, quite possible longer. If you allowed endless space for comments, I would continue my rant.
August 31, 2009 19:45:03 (GMT Time)

Name:More for the Grumpy Reader
Comments:There are many who believe the government creates depressions and recessions by interfering in the free market. In fact, there exists an entire school of thought called the Austrian school of economics who firmly believe too much government leads to big problems (http://mises.org). Every American should study their work and it would be great if our economy could return to one that operates under free markets. Regarding the great depression in particular, I am currently reading a book by Murray Rothbard, which argues how the government created and prolonged the great depression. You should have a PDF copy in your gmail account. Now, to solely blame FDR is, of course, nonsense. However, blame could very easily be placed on the Federal Reserve, Hoover, FDR and many other politicians of the 20s and 30s. Believe it or not, I am a free market guy. I believe much of what the Austrian school teaches us. However, I am also a realist and know the free market has not existed in this coun
August 31, 2009 19:44:12 (GMT Time)

Name:@ Grumpy Reader
Comments:We viewed the article completely different. In my opinion, for what it's worth, the Republican party is not providing any meaningful contributions to the issues facing our nation. The article did a good job highlighting how Republicans are creating diversions instead of coming up with thoughtful solutions to anything. More to come in another comment.
August 31, 2009 19:11:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Reader
Comments:Well, if Bill Maher says Republicans are nuts, golly, it must be true. Oh, by the way, I'd be really curious to meet anyone who says that FDR caused the great depression. Is the writer of that article insane, stupid, or just evil? He said something that simply is not true. Did he believe it (stupid) or knows it's a lie and says it anyway (evil). Normally I'd lean to "evil," but since he's accusing us of being insane I'd have to say that's what he's guilty of.
August 31, 2009 17:56:32 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Reader
Comments:I highly recommend reading the article below. It's a great insight into the disingenuous tactics used by the left. Every idiocy uttered by someone is representative of what the entire Republican party thinks. Really? As soon as the idiocies uttered by Barack Obama are accepted as such we'll talk about whether you can take any moron and say he represents me.
August 31, 2009 17:52:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Must read
August 31, 2009 16:54:37 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Not so Old Guy
Comments:Hey, Bill! Good to hear from you. I was wondering who that third visitor to my site was last month.

I'll drop you a line.
August 28, 2009 14:49:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Kennedy Basher
Comments:Great minds think alike, Sis. I posted something on that very topic this morning before I even read your request.
August 28, 2009 14:49:01 (GMT Time)

Comments:please please please write something about the media lionizing the murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne so I don't have to start a blog
August 27, 2009 17:37:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Bill Young, Bluewater, NM
Comments:Hey old friend {ok, not that old}, Great writing! You should get your own talk show, you'd be rich in a heartbeat. keep up the good work...drop me a note someday when you get a minute.
August 25, 2009 03:24:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Alarm Clock
Comments:Hey, Chris. Welcome back.
August 17, 2009 15:08:44 (GMT Time)

Comments:You got me going again, OH NO...LOL. The United States currently spends around $6,347 per capita, # 2 in the world, right behind the Marshall Islands and ranks 37th health care system by the WHO. France, the # 1 ranked, spends $3,936 per capita and has universal health care. More interesting facts, the US ranks 20th in life expectancy, 72nd in health care performance, 2nd in health care expenditures as a percentage of GDP and we rank 52nd in physicians per capita. In summary, we spend more per capita than most other countries and have one of the worse performing health care systems in the world. Sources and interesting links: http://www.photius.com/rankings/. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_care_systems. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_RB4pRZNeh8E/RrdpyqYtSYI/AAAAAAAAAyY/mk1oi65mpuo/s1600-h/Universal+Healthcare+World+Map.jpg. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_health_care http://www.nationmaster.com/cat/hea-health
August 14, 2009 21:41:51 (GMT Time)

Comments:Another quick correction regarding health care, Obama made 79 promises regarding health care during the campaign. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/promises/subjects/health/?page=4. The point is health care is and was a huge issue for voters and the nation, currently and before the election. Instead of listening to the multi, multi million dollar propaganda machine, which has spent $263.4 million on lobbying during the first six months of 2009 and has more than 3,300 lobbyists behind it, come up with a better solution. We are wasting time and money with half truths and lies, don't fall a victim to the machine. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601103&sid=aZdbr0YXz5jI
August 14, 2009 20:42:42 (GMT Time)

Comments:Here's the link to polling...http://www.pollingreport.com/prioriti.htm
August 14, 2009 20:37:43 (GMT Time)

Comments:Quick correction regarding health care, 08/2008 - NBC News/Wall Street Journal found health care the 3rd largest issues concerning voters. 06/2008 - CNN Poll 83% of voters thought health care was very or extremely important. 06/2008 - USA Today Poll health care 4th most important issue. 05/2008 - Pew Poll 95% of voters thought health care was important, tied for 2nd most important issue. 09/2007 ABC Poll health care 2nd most important issue, ahead of the economy. 03/2008 Gallup, 81% voters concerned about affordable health care. 01/2008 Fortune Poll, health care 2nd most important issue. 07/2007 Harris Poll, health care 2nd most important issue. 04/2007 Gallup Poll, health care 2nd most important issue. 04/2007 Diageo Poll, health care 2nd most important issue.
August 14, 2009 20:37:06 (GMT Time)

Name:@ Grumpy Basker
Comments:American Patriots are not responsible for millions and millions of deaths throughout the world. They do not cost the United States trillions and trillions of dollars. Nor do they erode the constitution with the Patriot Act. All this information is public knowledge, you just have to turn off Fox News for a minute. Regardless, we should not support any of Washington right now. It's too big and we need to downsize our government.
June 12, 2009 19:54:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Basker
Comments:I'm still just basking in the irony of accusing the right of unbelievable hate spewing while calling Cheney the most evil man in history. I know when I want to get across the message of "United we stand" the first thing I like to do is compare American patriots to Hitler.
June 11, 2009 14:48:03 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy marketer
Comments:LOL. Well, I appreciate your efforts.
June 3, 2009 16:31:29 (GMT Time)

Name:@ Grumpy marketer
Comments:Your strategy is working, I return several times a week. Mostly for the humor, but also to try to adjust the blog writer's irrational and unrealistic viewpoint.
June 3, 2009 16:27:29 (GMT Time)

Name:@ Grumpy
Comments:You are right! You're making this all way to complex. I will clear it all up for you. No matter who is in office, our government is driving this country into the ground, wasting trillions of dollars and becoming just to big for its own good. Bush and Cheney flat out lied...plain and simple. Obama continues to spend, spend, spend, but that is just our new government, which is way to big for anybody's good. Now, my qualms lie in you bashing one and defending another. We don't have that option, they are exactly the same. The hate spewing from the right is unbelievable. United we stand, divided we fall.
June 3, 2009 16:23:31 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Poet
Comments:How about this one, relating to the criterion used to judge the merit of a speech?

Bush lied, people died;
Obama's lies bring tears to your eyes.

June 3, 2009 15:40:35 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Over-complicator
Comments:Maybe this would be easier if we put it in a rhyme:

Barack Obama! He's our man. If he can't do it . . .
Well, Bush and Cheney shredded the Constitution and murdered and spent trillions and trillions and made the Muslims hate us.

Okay, so maybe I'll have to work on the rhyme. But you get the idea.

June 3, 2009 15:40:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Marketer
Comments:(Way to go, Frank. You beg people to post in the feedback, then as soon as anyone does you ridicule their (irrational) viewpoint. Great strategy there.)
June 3, 2009 15:30:11 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Observer
Comments: I guess I'm still making it too complex.

The President has limited power.

With his limited power Obama is nationalizing banks, the auto industry, healthcare, and spending trillions more than Bush did in eight years . . . in the first quarter.

And with Bush (and Adolf Cheney's) limited power they wrecked the planet, spend trillions and trillions, caused hurricanes in New Orleans, spread AIDS to the black community, shredded the Constitution . . .

Oh, yeah, and murdered.

I'm trying to see the point here.

I just need to keep going back to the mantra: Bush Evil. Obama Virtuous.

June 3, 2009 15:25:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy For 8 years
Comments:Wow! You've got it all figured out. I was just making it too complex.

Bush is evil, Obama is exalted.

I think what had me confused was how badly Obama is screwing things up. But I've even figured that out: Any failures of Obama are the fault of Bush. (Oh, yeah, and Dick Cheney, too).

Life is so black and white . . . uh, so to speak . . .

June 3, 2009 15:20:46 (GMT Time)

Name:@ Grumpily Embarrassed
Comments:You say you watch what Obama been doing, which is his job and being the figurehead for the US. We both know the President has limited power. My question to you...where were you during the last 8 years? Did you not pay any attention to the lies, corruption, murder and trillions and trillions wasted? Just wondering.
June 2, 2009 19:59:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Speech Critic
Comments:If moving people to cry when you perform is the measure of a leader Obama loses to a whole host of Country singers.
When friends complimented Cicero, telling him that he was the greatest orator, he replied somewhat as follows: "Not so, for when I give an oration in the Forum people say, 'How well he speaks!' but when Demosthenes addressed the people they rose and shouted, 'Come, let us up and fight the Macedonians!'"
June 1, 2009 18:20:02 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpily Embarrassed
Comments:Well, Chris, I stand corrected. If Obama can bring American Idol watchers to tears, He really is the Messiah. Don't I feel silly that I've been watching what he does instead of just watching his speeches?

And I'm so relieved that we've solved the Most Evil Man in History debate. Again, so silly of me to think the world was more complex than that. Parents can finally start naming their kids Adolf again! (Barack Adolf, of course. Can't mis-prioritize our idols.)

I'm just glad you're not letting your adoration of the man cause you to become irrational in your thinking.
June 1, 2009 15:04:07 (GMT Time)

Comments:One last thought...Obama speeches have brought people to tears. You will never, ever get that from Cheney. How a speech moves someone should be how it is judged. Cheney has never had that ability. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWynt87PaJ0
May 30, 2009 16:22:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Simply amazing speech
Comments:"It is that fundamental belief -- I am my brother's keeper, I am my sisters' keeper -- that makes this country work. It's what allows us to pursue our individual dreams, yet still come together as a single American family: "E pluribus unum," out of many, one. Now even as we speak, there are those who are preparing to divide us, the spin masters and negative ad peddlers who embrace the politics of anything goes. Well, I say to them tonight, there's not a liberal America and a conservative America; there's the United States of America." OBAMA 2004 DNC
May 30, 2009 16:18:02 (GMT Time)

Name:Simply amazing speech
Comments:"The pundits, the pundits like to slice and dice our country into red states and blue States: red states for Republicans, blue States for Democrats. But I've got news for them, too. We worship an awesome God in the blue states, and we don't like federal agents poking around our libraries in the red states. We coach little league in the blue states and, yes, we've got some gay friends in the red states. There are patriots who opposed the war in Iraq, and there are patriots who supported the war in Iraq. We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes, all of us defending the United States of America." OBAMA 2004 DNC
May 30, 2009 16:15:45 (GMT Time)

Comments:Please do not take my last comment as me comparing Cheney to Hitler. I am not doing such a thing. I am just saying they are nearly equal on the evil scale. Well, maybe not, Hitler didn't try to hide his intentions.
May 30, 2009 16:11:38 (GMT Time)

Comments:I know the Republican party is in shambles and they are getting desperate to salvage something...but defending Cheney? He literally might be one of the most evil men in history. I'm talking on a Hitler scale. His actions are responsible for millions and millions of deaths around the world. His lies have cost the US trillions of dollars in a war that we should not be in. He and Bush have destroyed our constitution with the Patriot Act. At least Limbaugh and Hanity just talk, Cheney almost brought our great nation to its knees. Those 8 years are in the past and we need to unite and rebuild ourselves from the damage they caused. Politics should not be you're either with us or against us. That mentality will destroy our nation.
May 30, 2009 16:09:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Cheney Fan
Comments:Summary of Obama's speech: Me, uh . . . er . . uh , I, I, I, me, uh, er, Bush's fault! Me, I, Bush's fault, me, I, I, me, me-me-me-me, oh stop it, I'm not that great--ha ha, oh geez, I slay me. No, seriously, me me me, I, me I . . . uh, er . . . uh, Bush's fault! Me me I.
May 29, 2009 23:24:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Worshipper
Comments:Oops. Missed a "He" in my capitalization below. Hope I don't go to hell (Hell) for that one.
May 29, 2009 23:22:30 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Cheney Fan
Comments:My favorite Obama speech was the "pretty convincing speech" He talks about in His book that he says convinced people to elect Him to the Illinois senate . . . after He had removed everyone else from the ballot. What a gifted speaker he is! (Had to go back and capitalize the instances of He and Him . . . respect for deity (or is it Deity?) you know)
May 29, 2009 23:21:24 (GMT Time)

Comments:Summary of Cheney's speech..."9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11. We are not trying to look back."
May 28, 2009 14:31:46 (GMT Time)

Comments:"Honestly, Obama is incapable of giving a historic speech on the level of the one Cheney delivered." What? Listen to the 2004 DNC speech or the Yes We Can speech, which has songs written about it. Regardless if you like Obama or not, he has delivered some of the most incredible speeches of American history and you can't take that away from him.
May 28, 2009 14:28:45 (GMT Time)

Name:Not wanting to debate
Comments:Not trying to stir up old debates, Cheney's speech was what I call fear mongering. It was awful and every American should avoid listening to it at all cost. Follow the link and honestly tell me the Bush/Cheney tactics work. The enrage the world and create MASSIVE amounts of blowback. WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES and this is from CNN, there is much worse out there. http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/meast/05/21/iraq.abu.ghraib.inmate/index.html#cnnSTCPhoto
May 22, 2009 20:33:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Reader
Comments:Thanks Chris. I'll pick it up from the library. Since I'm philosophically opposed to lending out books I couldn't very well borrow yours.
March 23, 2009 18:26:02 (GMT Time)

Comments:I have a copy of the below mentioned book. I will send it to you if you'd like, as long as you send it back when you're finished. Just let me know.
March 19, 2009 18:30:43 (GMT Time)

Comments:I have found what I believe should be your next reading. It's Alan Greenspan The Age of Turbulence. He's Republican, so don't worry. Special attention needs to be paid to the chapter The Nation Challenge. You'll see what I mean about the fiscal blah, blah, but in reality behaving different. In case you haven't caught on, that chapter is about the Bush years. By the way, our last fiscally conservative president went by the name Bill Clinton.
March 19, 2009 18:27:21 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Democratic-Republican
Comments:Chris, You're right. I agree with the democrats on a lot of things. I agree that democrats should pay more taxes. I agree that democrats should take drastic measures to avoid reproducing. I agree that democrats should not own guns. We're not that far apart.
March 13, 2009 21:49:54 (GMT Time)

Comments:History 1960-2007. Republicans increased the Federal deficit by 6.9 trillion. Democrats 1.8 trillion. http://takingnote.tcf.org/2009/02/the-last-fiscal-republican.html
March 12, 2009 21:10:30 (GMT Time)

Comments:After watching Rush speak, I just had to say one thing. The problems with Republicans is that they believe one thing, but practice another. I agree with conservative values, unfortunately they do not practice those as a party at all. Individuals, such as the bishop next door, still do, but the party is lost.
March 12, 2009 21:02:43 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Republican
Comments:Thanks, Chris. I think I see what you mean, with the Republicans spending like democrats and prosecuting border agents and running liberals like McCain for President. But I'm still not ready to buy into the premise.
March 11, 2009 15:01:35 (GMT Time)

Comments:By the way, great work!!! Always entertaining!!
March 11, 2009 08:46:09 (GMT Time)

Comments:Reading your blog you would never know that aside from abortion and gay marriage, we only have one political party in the United States. I am shocked how people find a difference, they all seem the same to me.
March 11, 2009 08:42:31 (GMT Time)

Comments:I'm sure glad you don't do politics anymore. Women drivers...great, LOL!
February 20, 2009 00:46:14 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Greeter
Comments:Welcome back, Chris.
February 12, 2009 16:04:31 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Obama non-supporter
Comments:Thanks, Chris. Just goes to show: 'Tis an ill wind indeed that blows no good. I'll have to eat my words and admit that Obama is my Messiah as well, providing me with at least four more years of material
February 12, 2009 16:02:36 (GMT Time)

Comments:Speaking of conspiracy theories...I believe Obama was elected to provide the readers of Leany.com at least four years of comic relief.
February 5, 2009 21:49:12 (GMT Time)

Comments:You'll like my latest blog entry. I know I've been gone for awhile, but I had to come back to torment from favorite Uncle a little bit.
February 5, 2009 17:31:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Forgetter
Comments:Happens to me all the time . . . but it never stops me from posting anyway.
December 12, 2008 15:07:25 (GMT Time)

Comments:Now that you've reinstated the comments, I forgot what I was going to say!
December 11, 2008 23:56:35 (GMT Time)

Name:Scandal finder
Comments:Speaking of scandals: http://www.publicintegrity.org/investigations/broken_government/pages/by_the_numbers
December 11, 2008 16:06:36 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Editor
Comments:Chris, I edited whoever's entry that was. Changed the name and while I was in there cleaned up the syntax a little. Just an example of the kind of customer service we like to perform here at Leany.com.
December 10, 2008 19:20:25 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Editor
Comments:Yeah, I thought that incomplete sentence and the comma instead of a colon was a little odd. I don't know that I'd conclude that Leany.com is out to get you.
December 10, 2008 19:11:53 (GMT Time)

Comments:It is very apparent that my previous comment was written by somebody other than myself. I would never write an incomplete sentence or add an extra s where it was not needed. I say Leany.com is out to get me. This is great news! Lately I have been wandering around rather aimlessly (see video about Obama supporters). This marks a new beginning for me and I will now focus on the new conspiracy theory "Leany.comgate". I will spend the reminder of my days gathering data that proves the world of leany.com is against me. Thank you, whoever you are, for the new focus.
December 10, 2008 18:57:31 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Republican
Comments:Like I said, data is great for convincing people of things that aren't true.
December 10, 2008 15:09:43 (GMT Time)

Name:Not that Chris
Comments:A politician involved in a scandal...I don't believe it!
At a quick glance I counted 108 politicians involved in scandals since 2000. 40 have been democrats, 1 independent and 57 republicans. Conclusion: they are all the same.
December 9, 2008 22:37:49 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Video Poster
Comments:Chris, thanks. I thought "Yeah, what are those people going to do with their time?" then I thought "Man, somebody has a lot of time on their hands to put together a video like that." then I thought "Hmmmm . . . . "
November 25, 2008 15:24:34 (GMT Time)

Comments:The layoff plan sounds as fair as any other. Let those who asked for it suffer from it. I'll suggest the same at our work.
November 20, 2008 13:17:04 (GMT Time)

Comments:The video is great
November 11, 2008 03:00:36 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Fat Guy
Comments:We do get to munch down during the whole Easter season . . . and the 4th of July--but that's only one day.
November 8, 2008 22:40:05 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Rovian

Good point. The notched disc harrow doesn't necessarily take less horsepower, but it certainly doesn't take any more. I think a lot of people use them because they tend to engage better in hard-packed soil.

I can't comment on whether or not that works because the guides on my particular tractor don't hold them well enough to make a difference. But the theory is sound.

Thanks for commenting on Farmer Frank's Fun with Agriculture.

Does anyone know whether Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic works better on a flesh wound on a horse from a barbed wire fence?

November 8, 2008 18:10:09 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy OJ Juror
Comments:And just like in the OJ Trial this isn't a triumph for the Black Community. At the time they said "Isn't this wonderful? A black man has finally stuck his finger in the eye of The Man."

OJ wasn't a black man that got off scot-free, he was a rich celebrity that got off. In the same way Obama is a well-connected, heavily backed, fabulously wealthy slick politician that owes his election to his being black.

November 8, 2008 17:56:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Eater
Comments:I hereby declare the months of March, May, June and August to be The Age of Culinarius, a time for unfettered comsumption.
November 8, 2008 17:46:07 (GMT Time)

Comments:As for the holidays, who came up with the big gap between Valentine's (unless, of course you say St. Patrick's is for eating) and the 4th of July and then another until Halloween. I want more eating holidays!
November 8, 2008 17:03:38 (GMT Time)

Comments:I feel the same way about the election as I did when OJ got off. It had nothing to do with anything except that he was black.
November 8, 2008 16:59:20 (GMT Time)

Comments:On second thought, screw it...I'm going home (insert picture from front page here).
November 8, 2008 15:36:16 (GMT Time)

Comments:Now hold on, I said I've been waiting for a government that is more interactive with the people it serves and somehow that means I wasn't proud of my country before. I don't get that at all. This is the Rove style politics I was talking about. I never once said anything about not being proud of my country. I don't get it. How did you twist my previous comment into I wasn't proud of my country? Please enlighten me how you could have possibly, for even one second, thought I said that.
November 8, 2008 15:34:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy American
Comments:Well, I'm glad you're finally proud of your country.
November 7, 2008 15:07:14 (GMT Time)

Comments:This is the government I've been waiting for. If you don't like Obama's ideas or think you have a better one, go tell him. Welcome to a government for the people, by the people. www.change.gov
November 7, 2008 13:48:58 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Bush Fan
Comments: Oh, I guess "we rise and fall together" doesn't kick in until January 20th. At the moment it's still "Bush is evil Bush is stupid Bush is the worst president ever Bush is Hitler."
And they say the younger generation isn't any good at memorizing . . .

Well, now that Bush is gone, maybe the press can put their proven skills to work by continously saying "The NBA Champion Jazz are the best team ever to play the game of basketball."

Just curious, who are you going to blame for everything now that you have the White House and both houses of congress? Bummer, huh?
November 7, 2008 04:38:39 (GMT Time)

Comments:At least the Jazz are playing really well. After 8 years of your favorite political player putting up the worst performance in United States history, you have something to actually cheer about.
November 6, 2008 20:44:25 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Sore Loser
Comments: Well, I'm certainly glad to hear it's not a Civil War. The way the left has been attacking the President of the United States the last eight years, it almost seemed like one.

So I'll quit being a sore loser, give up watching politics and start watching the Jazz.

Holy Toledo, I'm a glutton for punishment . . .

November 6, 2008 16:30:38 (GMT Time)

Name:peacenik sister
Comments:Don't be such a sore loser. It was an election, not a civil war. We're Democrats and Republicans, not Shiites and Sunnis. "We rise or fall together." Well said by our President Obama.
November 6, 2008 13:44:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Rove Supporters
Comments:I know I voted for him in 5 out of the last 6 elections . . .
November 5, 2008 21:57:43 (GMT Time)

Comments:It's the millions of Rove supporters who are evil. Rove is just the mastermind mind behind it all.
November 5, 2008 21:40:12 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Economist
Comments:Yeah, that excessive liquidity will get you every time! LOL
November 4, 2008 21:16:59 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Rovian
Comments:What's hilarious is how Karl Rove is the source of all ills in the universe.
November 4, 2008 20:26:40 (GMT Time)

Comments:It is hilarious how our current situation is completely the fault of 2 years of a democratic controlled government. LOL. Excessive liquidity, excessive borrowing of the the last 20 years had nothing to do with it. I love the McCain/Rove style of thought. Avoid accountability and real issues, yet somehow get millions of supporters.
November 3, 2008 17:06:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Blogger Chris Agreed With
Comments:Are you going to call the Guiness people or do you want me to?
October 28, 2008 15:49:20 (GMT Time)

Comments:I actually agree with your blog entry "War Heroes and Other Sure-fire Election Losers." We can't let that happen anymore.
October 28, 2008 00:01:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Historian
Comments:Yeah, that word limit is a bummer. For the complete version go here: http://www.leany.com/blogs/80908-1.html
October 20, 2008 14:43:50 (GMT Time)

Name:Never mind
October 20, 2008 00:37:38 (GMT Time)

Name:The history of Man
Comments:Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter. The two most important events in all of history were: 1. The invention of beer, and 2. The invention of the wheel, primarily to get man to the beer. These were the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups: 1. Liberals 2. Conservatives. Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while our early humans were sitting around waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery. That's how villages were formed. S
October 20, 2008 00:36:49 (GMT Time)

Comments:Closing the gap!!! Obama 49 McCain 47 from the Gallup WOW!!!! Looking good!!!
October 16, 2008 21:04:17 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Blogger
Comments:Just checked the polls--since I started talking election politics my hits have dropped off 50%. I'm going to follow the rule that Thumper's aunt used to quote: "If you can't say something funny, don't say nuttin' at all!"
October 13, 2008 14:45:25 (GMT Time)

Comments:Just discovered, Al Gore led plus 11 nationwide around this time in 2000. However in 2000, neither Bush or Gore had the electoral votes to win. That is extremely different this time, Obama appears close to winning the electoral college by a landslide.
October 12, 2008 16:41:44 (GMT Time)

Comments:According to the Gallup poll as of saturday, McCain has closed the gap to 9. Looking better all the time.
October 11, 2008 22:42:37 (GMT Time)

Comments:"I just have to rely on the good judgment of the voters not to buy into these negative attack ads. Sooner or later, people are going to figure out if all you run is negative attack ads you don't have much of a vision for the future or you're not ready to articulate it." John McCain, the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, 2/21/2000
October 11, 2008 04:04:00 (GMT Time)

Comments:Are you sure you want to continue this whole guilt by association game? McCain and Palin have so many skeletons in their closets its scary. You know, I'll let you continue with your little arguments, I like the idea of running on issues and plans. Good luck with your method, it explains why Obama is plus 11 in nationwide polls.
October 10, 2008 13:50:27 (GMT Time)

Comments:"If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what's said against me won't amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference." Abraham Lincoln
October 10, 2008 12:46:52 (GMT Time)

Comments:Nice videos, but that's the best the right wing can come up with. You're in trouble.
October 9, 2008 17:53:09 (GMT Time)

Comments:Well, okay, that worked, but I think comatose is a little too low for a blood pressure reading.
October 4, 2008 14:27:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Former Blogger
Comments:Announcing the new blog format: Farming Fun with Frank. Here we will discuss all the latest in exciting new treatments for alfalfa weevil and beef worms. Expect lively discussions about the relative merits of the Class II vs. the Class III three-point hitch.
October 3, 2008 23:41:30 (GMT Time)

Comments:If I get a prescription from my doctor for using you for lowering my blood pressure, will that make you stay?
October 3, 2008 19:55:40 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy List Moderator
Comments:Yeah, in response to Chris's comment I would say: #1
October 3, 2008 16:23:10 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Joe Biden's Fashion Consultant
Comments:Seriously, Dude, you've gotta' do something about the eyebrows.
October 3, 2008 16:22:53 (GMT Time)

Comments:1 is very valid here. Also NOOOOOOOOOOO, where do you think I get my daily dose of laughter. Maybe once the election is over you'll see things more clearly
October 3, 2008 16:14:23 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Hugely Important Swayer of Elections
October 3, 2008 15:03:16 (GMT Time)

Name:Last name should read prediction of GOP response
Comments:Oh well, # 5
October 3, 2008 13:47:28 (GMT Time)

Name:Predicator of GOP response
Comments:# 5
October 3, 2008 13:44:56 (GMT Time)

Comments:One more thing about Palin, she couldn't identify a single area where she or John McCain would change George W. Bush's economic or foreign policy positions. To me that is a problem and very, very relevant. 4 avoidance tactics left.
October 3, 2008 13:44:15 (GMT Time)

Comments:We should clear this up. Bush is extremely unpopular. Most Americans want change. So despite the fact Bush is not running, the GOP is replacing him with a so called "maverick" that voted with Bush 90% of the time. I don't know, I think the fact we are getting more of the same is very relevant. With that in mind, you should drop #1 from your playbook. That still gives you 4 avoidance tactics not to talk about any substance, issues or plans.
October 3, 2008 13:40:09 (GMT Time)

Name:Bearer of bad news
Comments:One of your best responses yet! I'm still laughing, good job.
September 29, 2008 03:08:28 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Receiver of Bad News
Comments:Well, there goes my whole reason for living . . .
September 29, 2008 02:21:02 (GMT Time)

Name:Bearer of bad news
Comments:Obama is +8 in the latest Gallup poll. He is also leading in PA, MI, WI and leading in Republican states VA (Bush won by 8 points), NC (Bush won by 12.4). He is also very, very close in FL, NV, OH, MO, IN. Now is the time to realize Barack Obama will be our 44th President of the United States of America.
September 29, 2008 00:16:24 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Transcriber
Comments:That's what we're here for. Public service, be it transcripts, carnivals, or automatic calendar spreadsheets. :o)
September 27, 2008 17:48:28 (GMT Time)

Comments:Thanks for the link to Chris site. A carnival always does a body good.
September 27, 2008 17:30:16 (GMT Time)

Comments:It makes me wish I hadn't sat through the debates. Your transcript about sums it up.
September 27, 2008 17:21:52 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Economist
Comments:Yeah, yeah, I know. I heard Obama say it was the failed policies of the Bush administration back in the 60s. (or was that Biden saying it was the failed TV speech President Bush gave in 1929?)
September 27, 2008 17:05:24 (GMT Time)

Comments:You need to go back a lot further than Clinton, if you want to find the true origins of the current crisis.
September 26, 2008 22:53:36 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Avoider
Comments:Thanks for clearing that up :o)
September 25, 2008 14:27:29 (GMT Time)

Comments:"Avoidance tactics" means you avoid the subject at hand time and time again. You're saying exactly what I want you to say, nothing much at all and avoiding anything the resembles actual issues or facts.
September 25, 2008 14:15:23 (GMT Time)

Comments:"Avoidance tactics" means you avoid the subject at hand time and time again. You're saying exactly what I want you to say, nothing much at all and avoiding anything the resembles actual issues or facts.
September 25, 2008 14:14:51 (GMT Time)

Comments:"Avoidance tactics" means you avoid the subject at hand time and time again. You're saying exactly what I want you to say, nothing much at all and avoiding anything that resembles actual issues or facts.
September 25, 2008 14:13:52 (GMT Time)

Comments:"Avoidance tactics" means you avoid the subject at hand time and time again. You're saying exactly what I want you to say, nothing much at all and avoiding anything the resembles actual issues or facts.
September 25, 2008 14:13:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy button maker
Comments:I'el trie too find taht buton rite aweigh
September 25, 2008 03:51:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Goody Two Shoes
Comments:I meant that shows great restraint. Where's the "check for dumb gaffes before submitting button"?
September 24, 2008 20:30:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Goody Two Shoes
Comments:You dropped the word thoughtful off the link to Chris' blog title and didn't add the word reactionary. That shows great constraint.
September 24, 2008 20:29:20 (GMT Time)

Comments:Thanks for taking off the kid gloves. If someone attacks you, even if he's my son, you should fight back. Especially when he's avoiding any topic except the party line.
September 24, 2008 17:25:24 (GMT Time)

Name:Chris Meriwether
Comments:You can put all the lipstick you want on your avoidance tactics, they are still avoidance tactics.
September 24, 2008 14:10:18 (GMT Time)

Comments:http://embeds.blogs.foxnews.com/2008/09/22/biden-calls-obama-attack-ad-terrible/ Aaaah! We just need to keep our mouths shut. The infighting is beginning just like in the primaries. We'll just let them tear their party apart from the inside.
September 23, 2008 18:40:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Linker, Thinker, and Stinker
Comments:Here's a great line from the O'Rourke link: Perhaps, midst the enthusiasm of the Republican convention, we stalwart GOP supporters should take a step back from our partisanship and give a moment's thought to the decent, well-meaning, intelligent people who oppose us -- and how there aren't any.
September 22, 2008 16:16:49 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Link Poster
Comments:http://www.federalistjournal.com/columns/orourke080700.htm PJ O'Rourke on Demorats vs. Republicans
September 22, 2008 15:44:17 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Logician
Comments:That's right. Demorats say "Eight is enough!" ---> Republicans are evil. That's the way I learned it in Boolean Algebra.
September 22, 2008 15:39:00 (GMT Time)

Comments:I am glad you just starting to notice Bush's evilness, it's the first step in admitting the the Republican Party you support is not even close to the one that exists in Washington.
September 22, 2008 14:49:14 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Blogger
Comments:Re. removing references to Obama's socialism . . . Yeah, I'll get on that right away! LOL Re. Obama and free speech, yeah, I probably will have to remove those references if he wins, lest his goon squads smash in my door in the name of the "Fairness" Doctrine.
September 21, 2008 18:19:15 (GMT Time)

Comments:It's really frightening that two people can get two totally different things from the same writing. Almost like we were allowed to be free thinkers in this country or something. I hope Obama fixes that problem for us so we will all see it only his way.
September 21, 2008 15:43:43 (GMT Time)

Comments:I must say something nice, but only this once until after the election. You are a brilliant writer. Your blogs are entertaining to read, this debate stuff keeps my brain exercised and I appreciate that. Let's do what's right now and vote for Obama. Glad I could change your mind.
September 21, 2008 11:05:48 (GMT Time)

Comments:You may want to remove any reference to Socialism ASAP. Bushism/Socialism is really hitting the free-market and capitalism hard.
September 21, 2008 02:53:55 (GMT Time)

Comments:I've been away for a few days and came back to this. I'm glad you're still not letting a little thing like sense get in your way. I have my hands full.
September 21, 2008 02:47:29 (GMT Time)

Comments:Love the sugarcoating! Thanks for the laugh.
September 20, 2008 17:31:52 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Old Hippie
Comments:Sorry, I'll move the Palin post down, but keep it toward the top.
September 19, 2008 22:34:23 (GMT Time)

Comments:Please correct the word year to read your in the paragraph about the grocery store. You'd think the people who send you these guest editorials would know how to proofread!
September 19, 2008 17:51:45 (GMT Time)

Comments:Since I'm older than you, you can understand this comment. If you put the things you may not have known about Sarah Palin at the top, those of us with a short attention span do not realize that newer things are posted below. With my massive powers of observation, it only took me 4 visits to your blog to figure out you were still posting other stuff.
September 19, 2008 15:53:06 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Blogger
Comments:As much as I complain about it, I've consciously avoided having a real blog for psychological reasons I can't put my finger on. I think it's the "me, too" aspect of it or something. It's like I always say, I know I'm wasting my life, but at least I have the decency to be mediocre about it.
September 18, 2008 16:14:55 (GMT Time)

Comments:Try downloading wordpress. Free and a simple blog with commenting properties for each entry. You'll love it. I promise. (and you can trust my promises, I mean, has your sister ever lied to you -- that you know about?)
September 17, 2008 23:19:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Can't Leave it Alone
Comments:Let's see, which candidate is a parrot for their party and which one is the maverick? Hmmm. Which candidate toes the party line at all costs and which candidate risks his political career by defying the party? You're coming around, Chris, just keep working it just a little bit longer . . .
September 17, 2008 22:21:45 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Long-winded
Comments:Oh, yeah. And Bush is going to get Hoovered. He is a good president, but the media have succeeded in painting him as something else. Who was it that said "Tell a lie long enough, make it simple enough . . . ?"
September 17, 2008 22:14:12 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Voter
Comments:Well, you've done it. You've finally commanded me to do something that I'll gladly do: Support the better man for the job. McCain/Palin 08!
September 17, 2008 22:12:48 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy blog owner
Comments:Yeah, the character limit is a pain. I just barely figured out that it changes the code on you if you take too long to post, too. That's why the annoying "type in the code" page after you already typed in the code. I wish I could convince the guy who runs this lousy joint to get a proper blog going here.
September 17, 2008 22:11:19 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Capitalist
Comments:You're scaring me! At my age I'm paranoid of any indicators of Alzheimer's, and if I've ever in any way hinted that I would ever argue for government bailouts, then I've certainly forgotten about it. Not only forgotten about it, but completely replaced it with false memories that I bought into "Wealth of Nations" and books about Hoover that I read when I was a kid.
September 17, 2008 22:09:17 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Historian
Comments:"Prosperity is just around the corner." Hoover, 1932. Wow, that didn't happen. Let's see, what did happen in 1932? Oh, I remember! A democrat was elected instead of Hoover. A person who believed in government bailouts instead of letting free markets work. Oh, and it seems like that was followed by a decade of depression. Hoover was a good guy. Proof that "history is the propaganda of the victors" (not sure who said that).
September 17, 2008 21:46:38 (GMT Time)

Comments:I'm beginning to love quotes, here are my new favorites. "Prosperity is just around the corner" Herbert Hoover 1932 "The economy’s fundamentals are strong" John McCain 2008
September 17, 2008 20:19:00 (GMT Time)

Comments:(It cut me off, here is the rest)...who do not support your beliefs. Capitalism is great and the free-market is great. The free-market is dead, turn on the news and look at constant government bailouts. You'll argue they are necessary, however they undermine everything you believe in as a Republican. Don't kid yourself and argue otherwise.
September 17, 2008 19:16:00 (GMT Time)

Comments:FYI. I am registered Republican. I do not support Republican Party as it today. I support the Republican Party that believes in a sound, fiscal policy, non-interference in the free-market, a strong military force to defend our constitution and our borders, non-intervention in foreign events, that enforces the constitution and its values, and defends the Republic. That is not the Republican Party you continue to support. The truth is, the Democrats reduced welfare, the Democrats balanced the budget, the Democrats kind of, more so than the Republicans, practiced a foreign policy of non-intervention. Today, the Republicans are interfering with the free-market, they are printing money out of control and spending like there is no tomorrow. Do you choose to avoid these things? Support the better man for the job, not one who claims to belong to one party or another. Truth is, the parties are dead and do not exist. We all need to see that and quit ranting and raving about those
September 17, 2008 19:14:21 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Quoter
Comments:This one's my favorite: Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. Adolf Hitler
September 16, 2008 20:06:40 (GMT Time)

Comments:Great facts on Palin. I didn't know those things! Here's your next job: Take these quotes http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/a/adolf_hitler.html and compare them to Obama's
September 16, 2008 15:18:35 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Pharmacist
Comments:I was thinking more along the lines of No-Doz, to help extend the fun.
September 16, 2008 15:07:53 (GMT Time)

Comments:Maybe we should all pitch in and buy Chris some sleeping pills. This is more fun than the olympics.
September 15, 2008 23:34:40 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Webmaster
Comments:Sorry to cost you sleep. I'm not sure what to do knowing that three people read my rantings.
September 15, 2008 22:20:29 (GMT Time)

Comments:We done good, I think we've ignited some a fire or at least created some steam and increased our readership by 200% (from 1, that being you for your site and me for mine, to 3 for each site.) I will contribute my ideas to Google on how to run an effective website after the election. LOL
September 15, 2008 20:24:07 (GMT Time)

Comments:Leany.com is too easy to remember, so easy, I forget to bookmark your site. I have updated my bookmarks and your site is the newest member. It's about time, I'm always looking for another way to waste time...I think I have some work to do, but you have some many ramblings that need to be responded to. I guess I'll be up for another sleepless night. Thanks a lot Mr. Leany.
September 15, 2008 20:20:38 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Entertainer
Comments:Glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for the address. If I ever checked my e-mail I would have found the address there. I was a little hesitant giving him my address; I'm expecting to see a pair of Obama's Witnesses show up at my door with a handful of proselytizing pamphlets.
September 15, 2008 14:12:42 (GMT Time)

Comments:You forgot to mention that not only was McCain a war hero, he spoke at your sister's graduation while he was still on crutches after returning from Vietnam. Of course your sister isn't old enough to say that, but if she was, it would be true.
September 15, 2008 01:17:45 (GMT Time)

Comments:btw, I sent you that Chris guy's e-mail address.
September 15, 2008 01:10:58 (GMT Time)

Comments:This is so fun! Keep up the passion. You've made the election a little less boring although I am still voting for the lesser of 2 evils as that's all that's running this year.
September 15, 2008 01:09:53 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Statistician
Comments:I just checked my site stats. I have hits from 2 people in Utah, one of whom is me, 1 person in Wyoming, one in Arizona, and a one-armed web programmer from Singapore who was looking for racy Denise Richards pictures.
September 12, 2008 22:12:54 (GMT Time)

Name:It's a small world after all
Comments:Just checked some site stats. I've had visitors from 4 countries, and 13 states (including Ohio, Colorado and Florida). My state is sewed up, but Ohio, Colorado and Florida aren't. My little neighborhood sure is getting big. Obama 08.
September 12, 2008 16:14:59 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Uncle
Comments:I don't. I e-mailed your mom asking for it, but haven't heard back yet. Send it to my fleany at gmail.com address
September 11, 2008 20:48:25 (GMT Time)

Comments:The polarizing quote is straight from the book I want to send you, not an error. I still don't have your address. Do you still have my email?
September 11, 2008 17:03:21 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Long Winded Guy
Comments:Who knew there was a character limit on these posts (will the loser that runs this blog ever get a real format?). The end of the 8 is enough post was supposed to say that 8 is barely enough bathrooms for a house, and BTW, get your spell checker looked at, 'cause where you meant to say Democrats have been successful in polarizing Americans you accidentally put "Republicans." I think. I can't remember everything I tried to post. But it was good.
September 11, 2008 15:00:36 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Palin Supporter
Comments:Kind of hot? Try Smoking! She's the librarian/school teacher you lust after but can't touch.
September 11, 2008 14:49:17 (GMT Time)

Comments:@ Grumpy McCain Supporter I want to be there for the victory BBQ with Sarah Palin - she's kind of hot!
September 11, 2008 04:56:23 (GMT Time)

Comments:I enjoy the passion. Where's that been? Good job on the response. Impressed with some actual facts (regarding our state), but your candidate still lacks substance. I have fun with my research and the passion to prove it with my blog. We all miss the passionate version of you. Truth is, nobody cares if you're correct - I mean you still support a third term of Bush - but we do miss the humor and your ability to never lose your blind-faith in politics. Regarding my endless links, videos and whatever else you said. The ability to search and find the truth is powerful, knowledge is powerful, pass it on. Tell your 3 readers I said hi, I'll pass the word on to my 3 readers as well. Also, I need your address - through email, of course - I have a book to send you.
September 11, 2008 04:42:48 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Debater
Comments:Chris, thanks for posting. I posted a rebuttal to your rebuttal. I consulted with an impartial panel of Leany.com bloggers and it's unanimous: I am the winner. I'll post a news flash to that effect on my blog. Here's a secret of democracy: no matter how much we scream we can't affect the outcome of a Jazz game or an election. All our screaming can't convince Lakers fans to cheer for the Jazz, but even if it could, it wouldn't affect the outcome of the game. The election is 8 weeks away. McCain has all of the electoral votes in the state you live in. I could vote for Obama to please a fine family member who has drunk the Kool-Aid, and the best choice for the job would still win my state's electoral votes . . . welcome to democracy, where you have a voice but not a say.
September 10, 2008 22:25:01 (GMT Time)

Name:Just Plain Grumpy
Comments:Aaaagh! Aaaagh! A certain preacher had a member of his congregation who liked to sample the spirits. Every time the man came to church the preacher would give a fiery sermon about the evils of drinking. After every one of those sermons the drunk would compliment him on the talk and say how it was too bad the people that needed to hear it were not there. Here: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/09/10/politics/animal/main4436258.shtml is a great exmaple of demorats not polarizing America, taken right off a link on Chris's blog. You can't make up material this good . . . It's a comedy for those who think and a tragedy for those who feel
September 10, 2008 21:53:38 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy V8 owner
Comments:8 certainly is enough for me. I mean, who wants a V10? I know someone who has a V10 and a Triton V8 and he never drives the V10. So I'd have to agree that 8 is enough. <br><br> I know the bumper sticker phrase "8 is Enough" can't have anything to do with elections in the US. But, if we lived in a universe where it did, I'd have to agree with the US Constitution (as revised by the 22nd Amendment) and say that two 4-year terms is indeed enough for any one president. But that's like saying I agree that blue is an okay color for the sky, 'cause that's just the way it is. <br><br> Oh, wait a minute . . . could it be that . . . ? No. I know this is crazy, but I just had a thought . . . but no. It can't be. No. No way. I know that I don't have to point out that 1) George Bush is not running in this election, and 2) John McCain is not George Bush. <br><br> So, yeah. Eight is enough for cylinders, it's probably enough kids for the average non-LDS family, it's probably just barely enoug
September 10, 2008 21:46:43 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy McCain Supporter
Comments:Hey, Chris, thanks for the challenge. Debate prep: watch McCain's speech at the convention. I'll post it to your video site. What are the rules? Am I allowed to talk about experience? Am I allowed to talk about who has proven they have America's interest at heart? If I win do I get to have Sarah Palin over for a BBQ?
September 10, 2008 19:06:09 (GMT Time)

Comments:I'm challenging you to try to convince me that somehow McCain is a better choice for President. Here are my ideas http://web.me.com/chme/Blog/Home/Home.html and rebuttals to your claims. I've already disputed your claims of "Stealing Ideas". Long live friendly debates. OBAMA 08
September 9, 2008 18:09:35 (GMT Time)

Name:8 is Enough
Comments:8 is Enough!! "The ability of Republicans to continue to repeatedly win on the basis of polarizing campaigns is indeed impressive." Now is the time to stand up and take back our government, take our liberties and realize in the end we are Americans. Let's end these attack politics and empty hatred. "We worship an awesome god in the blue states, and we don't like federal agents poking around our libraries in the red states. We coach Little League in the blue states and have gay friends in the red states." We are the United States of America. Let's take back our government and our civil liberties. 8 is enough!!
August 30, 2008 14:54:14 (GMT Time)

July 8, 2008 13:40:20 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Forum Moderator
Comments:Hey, Rogelio, thanks for your . . . uh . . . insight, there. I couldn't have said it better.
July 1, 2008 16:14:24 (GMT Time)

Name:rogelio tamayo
Comments:h? msta kna jan hah?????????????
June 30, 2008 07:33:14 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Diverse Guy
Comments:But on the other hand . . . bashing members of the Church of Global Warming and defending the rights of FLDS whackos is a proven way to get feedback . . .
May 27, 2008 15:49:04 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Linguist
Comments:My AP Style book doesn't have the proper spelling of Phhhht. Thanks for that clarification. :o)
May 27, 2008 15:29:02 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Diverse guy
Comments:I didn't realize I was advocating marrying young girls. I should have said somewhere that those are sick, twisted people.


New blog format: engine building tips and tricks. I think I've pissed off my family enough with my views on politics and religion. Let's see how they feel about matching headers, cam, and intake to tailor the torque curve of a small block Chevy.
May 27, 2008 15:17:49 (GMT Time)

Name:grumpy's sister--really, I'm not making this up
Comments:It's wonderful/unusual to see a conservative espousing diversity. If a grown man can "marry" a teenage girl who doesn't have any power to refuse, then a grown man can marry another grown man. Phhhht
May 27, 2008 14:42:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Oil Industry Employee
Comments:The saying around here (my desk, not work, 'cause I made up the saying and nobody picked it up, really) is that when the price of oil goes down we can afford to drive around looking for a job.
May 8, 2008 17:08:04 (GMT Time)

Comments:Yeah, big oil, that's who we go after. Whoops! That would put me out of a job. I still love that Clinton actually campaigned for his wife in THIS town with a platform that would heavily tax both small businesses and oil and gas companies, both of which I am employed by at the moment. It's amazing the different ways people in different part of the country think. Are you sure we're a nation?
May 7, 2008 23:30:02 (GMT Time)

Comments:Global Warming--that's the ticket. I get no feedback for months then I post about global warming . . . Thanks. (Yeah, I'm pretty sure we're related--sorry about that. You can tell your friends I was found on the doorstep in a basket--the product of a horribly failed genetic experiment involving plastic manufacturers and big oil).
May 7, 2008 16:45:27 (GMT Time)

Comments:Love the global warming comment. I had to scrape my windshield after the ice storm last nigt. I hope it doesn't get much warmer than that, I might be able to feel my fingers.
May 7, 2008 01:58:39 (GMT Time)

Name:wait, there's more
Comments:The poop analogy. We were talking about little things we can all do to improve the health of the planet and Kim (who smokes, at $5 a pack) says if they put a tax on plastic bags it would make them cost prohibitive for disposing of doggie do. Don’t panic! Improvise. Adapt. Here’s where natural selection should kick in and eliminate anyone too stupid to figure a way around the poop problem.
May 6, 2008 14:43:46 (GMT Time)

Comments:Snow in Salt Lake (to hell with the rest of the world) is solid proof (in the Republican/ostrich sense of the word) that everything is hunky dory with the planet.
May 6, 2008 14:32:01 (GMT Time)

Name:Are you sure we're related? pam
Comments:“I prepared all things, and have given unto the children of men to be agents unto themselves.” Thoughtful, righteous dominion is what God expects of us;
May 6, 2008 14:30:44 (GMT Time)

Comments:Re: Clinton. If he remembers MLK's assassination so well, why is there a video on YouTube showing him falling asleep not once, but 5 times during the MLK memorial services, sitting right behind the speaker, no less.
January 25, 2008 12:39:38 (GMT Time)

Name:Grateful Grumpy
Comments:thanks for the comments and the links. I'm glad to see Dad's poem is still touching people and it's nice to see him getting credit for it.
December 21, 2007 22:24:53 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Windows User
Comments:Nope, there's no way I could get her a Mac . . . I'll get her a Mac the day Apples run Windows Software . . . oh, wait . . .
December 21, 2007 22:23:56 (GMT Time)

Comments:Nice place you have here! I found your website after reading your father's "dog" poem posted here: http://www.imom.com/ispecialist/articles/index.php?id=81 Have you seen this? http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1938555/posts
December 17, 2007 16:44:45 (GMT Time)

Comments:Or, you could get her a Mac. There's no reason a computer should be hard.
December 16, 2007 02:22:32 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Scientist/Prophet
Comments:That's hilarious. I'll have to check it out. I think I flapped my gums about the book I bought called "Why People Believe Stupid Things." It should have been called "Why People Spend Good Money on Books with Compelling Titles that Don't Live up to Their Expectations." There's so much material there. It's a shame the guy wasted the title on his own little pet peeves.
November 6, 2007 01:41:54 (GMT Time)

Comments:Re: faulty data and odd, illogical conclusions. A human embryo resembles a piece of chewing gum, therefore the Quran is true. http://www.islam-guide.com/frm-ch1-1-a.htm How could Muhammad have possibly known all this 1400 years ago, when scientists have only recently discovered this using advanced equipment and powerful microscopes which did not exist at that time?
November 4, 2007 18:51:41 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Dumbledore Mourner
Comments:It makes sense that way. There's a cartoon in there somewhere.
October 30, 2007 23:01:30 (GMT Time)

Comments:And now that I wrote that I think I know why she did it. She's channeling Britney Spears and needed to get some media time at whatever cost.
October 30, 2007 16:41:41 (GMT Time)

Comments:I don't care whether he's gay or not. I got from the story what I got. My daughter also doesn't care. We're probably 2 of the least homophobic people in the world. Even we think what she did was stupid. What purpose does it serve knowing whether or not he was gay? I thought the whole purpose of reading a book was to take away from it what you chose.
October 30, 2007 16:40:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Ambiguous grumpy
Comments:I just heard about it periphally. I never asked Uncle Google for the full quote and context. I have to imagine it was a calculated move with some purpose--probably ingratiating herself for some future project. I'm glad I had finished the books. I'd be curious to see what effect it has on future sales of books and movie tickets.
October 29, 2007 15:36:07 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Surpriser
Comments:I was becoming much too predictable. Either that or I'm getting lazy. Give me ambiguity or give me something else.
October 29, 2007 15:33:49 (GMT Time)

Comments:It's unlike you to be ambiguous on anything. Why the ambiguity on Dumbledore? I expected some kind of response as in what purpose was served by what she did. You continue to surprise me.
October 27, 2007 20:02:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Scott Strong
Comments:Way to funny!
September 28, 2007 02:05:45 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Manager
Comments:Yes, I mean, no, I mean, what was the question again?
September 24, 2007 15:32:31 (GMT Time)

Comments:Between Don & Todd, it's amazing any work gets done there. I know from experience that management does nothing and 20% of the employees perform 98% of the work. Sounds like that fits in your workplace too. Oh wait, you're not a manager, are you?
September 22, 2007 15:58:53 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Office Space
Comments:I know. You'd think, wouldn't you. I didn't realize that Reagan's "Just Say No" advice was applicable to that situation. It's just surreal . . . or it would be, if it could ever happen to non-fictitious characters . . .
September 10, 2007 15:22:20 (GMT Time)

Comments:The person who writes the paychecks should simply stop writing checks to Don. If he wants to work there fine. Nobody said anything about having to pay him.
September 8, 2007 18:23:19 (GMT Time)

Comments:Well, in the Corporate world, those "advantages" you list would make Don the supervisor. At least that's the way I've seen it work. They have to have little people to actually DO the work.
August 24, 2007 00:59:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Supervisor
Comments:No, he works for me. That really galls him, since he's so much smarter than I am. I do have the advantage of living in a universe that actually exists and being able to use a pencil sharpener without adult supervision. And not being insane gives me a bit of an edge in the "who's going to supervise whom?" race.
August 20, 2007 16:48:43 (GMT Time)

Comments:I think Don works where I do too. He sure gets around. Hope he doesn't have supervisory control over you, those type seem to rise to that level of incompetence.
August 20, 2007 10:24:56 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumy Heart Patient
August 14, 2007 20:07:09 (GMT Time)

Comments:Welcome back. Now, I wonder if you'd be willing to help me with . . .
August 14, 2007 01:31:56 (GMT Time)

Comments:Well, you've gone and done it now. Eva was so depressed from no Litter-uh, sure that she went out and married some basketball player!
July 10, 2007 04:33:04 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Feedback Moderator
Comments:Not sure who Bayu is. I'm guessing he's a friendly . . .
June 28, 2007 15:25:18 (GMT Time)

Comments:Maybe the "fictitious" stories about Todd will cheer her up enough she'll be okay. BTW who is bayu? Have the cyberterrorists cracked yet another way to keep them out?
June 27, 2007 12:40:24 (GMT Time)

Comments:Good stuff. You're absolutely brilliant. You can't even tell that you edited my comments to say what you wanted.
June 26, 2007 17:59:03 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Lazy Writer
Comments:It's the classic Catch-22 . . . Not to be confused with a catch 20-20, as described by a guy I used to work with. "It's a catch 20-20. We can't run the machine without the parts but the parts aren't here yet."
June 25, 2007 22:14:00 (GMT Time)

Comments:Eva said she couldn't make it right now. Something about depression from the lack of good Litter-uh, sure on the web.
June 19, 2007 14:28:37 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Eva Stalker
Comments:Let me know when you get that all worked out.
June 18, 2007 15:11:20 (GMT Time)

Comments:I'm calling Eva right now to come stick her tongue in her ear. The LItter-uh Sure needs to be updated.
June 15, 2007 18:02:44 (GMT Time)

Name:Lone Rower
Comments:Yeah! I know how it feels to be the rower in that situation. Unfortunately, the people who need this the most wouldn't even get it if they read it!
June 12, 2007 13:20:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Low Key Presenter
Comments:Hey! My reader's back!
June 8, 2007 02:58:44 (GMT Time)

Comments:I love your low-key presentation. Did I mention that was a bunch of crap?
June 8, 2007 00:47:11 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Gun Owner
Comments:Dell didn't do anything new. I was just flapping my gums about equality meaning dissent and order coming from a dominant force and it occurred to me that the confrontation between him and the rich kids was a good example.
May 8, 2007 14:32:03 (GMT Time)

Comments:Dell Schanze may make the local news, but he doesn't even rate google. For those of us who don't live there, what did he do this time?
May 8, 2007 13:04:54 (GMT Time)

Comments:Karen turned into Janet for a minute there, need to fix that. I'm waiting with bated breath for the next installment.
April 28, 2007 02:42:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Writer
Comments:Re. Karen: Stay tuned for chapter 2
April 25, 2007 16:14:05 (GMT Time)

Comments:Re: Leany Bin: It'll always be either you or one of your siblings, so why bother? Re: Karen -- and they needed to tell her - - -
April 25, 2007 00:02:03 (GMT Time)

Comments:Leany bin: Place reserved for special nut jobs and lunatics – we will have a winner every week – like a wall of shame – FBI list – Frank’s Bungling Idiots
April 24, 2007 23:22:59 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Philosopher
Comments:John, I've always had a little conflict with Jefferson's wording and subsequent interpretations. I don't think anybody just naturally and God-given has rights. Plop you in the middle of a desert island, what rights do you have? Rights, in my feeble mind, are something granted by society somehow . . . I'm not smart enough to have it all worked out, but I think maybe "God-given" is a way to say morally correct, as in people should be treated with respect, etc. But in terms of rights . . . I can't see how they are anything but granted by society. Thanks again for your comments.
April 23, 2007 18:59:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Gun Toter
Comments:John, Thanks for taking the time to comment here. Good to hear from a fellow gun toter. We'll get to work right away on that liberal part . . .
April 23, 2007 18:56:24 (GMT Time)

Name:Sad Grumpy
Comments:Yeah, I can't even imagine. He was about the only one in the chapel yesterday that wasn't a complete wreck. He told the guys in priesthood meeting that he was at peace because he felt his family with him.

I told the little missus that since Wednesday he's thought about nothing else. In all that time he's worked it out. I haven't. I still think it's messed up in a big way.

It's like Pam said when somebody commented that Mom must have been needed on the other side "I kinda' needed her here, too."

April 23, 2007 16:03:12 (GMT Time)

Name:gun-toting liberal
Comments:John Thatamanil, Nashville, Tennessee "A God-given right to bear guns?" Dear Mr. Nugent, which God, pray tell, are you speaking about? Surely not Jesus, you know, the one who said, "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword." Did Jesus really say that?
April 21, 2007 12:44:46 (GMT Time)

Comments:Re: Colton Halladay. Ouch. Poor dad! That would be rough to deal with. It sort of puts my day into perspective.
April 21, 2007 02:40:45 (GMT Time)

Name:Grateful Grumpy
Comments:Thanks. :o) Nobody was picking up on that, so I knew I had a winner. Here's the test--did the C-BS executives call him in for a serious chat after he did the show that day? I'll look into getting a blog or something.
April 16, 2007 15:33:32 (GMT Time)

Comments:He was fired for what other people did after he said it. Probably the most concise, true sentence in the history of the world. Hey! You should have a blog or something.
April 14, 2007 02:56:21 (GMT Time)

Comments:No, the thing that appalls me the most about Imus (who I don't listen to because he's an idiot and I don't like what he says) is that he got fired. Mel Gibson was drunk and made racist remarks and went to rehab and now he's okay, Isaiah Washington wasn't even drunk and made homophobic remarks TWICE and he went to rehab (huh?) and he's okay. Imus got fired. I thought that if you went to rehab after doing stupid things like flashing your bare crotch or making homophobic remarks (is Roseanne going to go to rehab for hers?) that Hollywood forgave you and everything was okay. It sounds to me like MSNBC was looking for an excuse and found one.
April 12, 2007 12:53:11 (GMT Time)

Comments:To quote my husband "an egg's not worth that, it's gotta be more man." I'm glad that close personal friend isn't my father because I'd hate to see my father cleaning up the rotten eggs a month later -- wait, there's gotta be a catch, one of them is solid gold, right?
April 7, 2007 14:52:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Bush Basher
Comments:Yeah, it's just a shame. The last thing the planet needs right now is a US president whose primary concern is not pissing off his enemies.
April 5, 2007 15:35:48 (GMT Time)

Comments:Wow! I never thought I'd see Bush bashing on this site. Too bad he deserves it!
April 5, 2007 14:36:02 (GMT Time)

Comments:On your own time is such a blurred concept these days. I think the company did the right thing in firing her. It appears as though she was trying to get rid of her bread and butter. If she wants to starve to death, the company was right in letting her do this, but they wanted to keep their bread and butter coming. I find it twice as humourous that she claims Charlie was trying to get her fired when he had no idea about the whole thing. Sad but true, you can always find a lawyer willing to prostitute himself when the case is high profile.
March 31, 2007 14:38:12 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Lame Guy
Comments:Yeah, Carville isn't exactly the ticket to a barrel of laughs.
March 23, 2007 22:10:31 (GMT Time)

Comments:You're getting lame again and who better than your favorite (or at least one of your three most favorite) sister to wake you up. We need some humor. Tell us a funny story please.
March 23, 2007 13:23:04 (GMT Time)

Comments:Marie! How interesting that as soon as I mention you, you post. Almost like you were some fabrication I use to blast the liberal viewpoint. Anyway, thank you so much for your perceptive insights on this tremendously important investigation to determine who leaked the name of someone who wasn't a covert agent; an investigation done by a prosecutor who knew who "leaked" the information. The difference, you see, is that in this particular case there was never any underlying crime being investigated. When you get several people in front of a grand jury and start asking them questions about unimportant things that happened long ago, you're going to get different answers. That's called a perjury trap. I guess it's a fair trick when a crime and a coverup was committed. But once again, the democrats were trying to kick a field goal in a baseball game.
March 19, 2007 16:14:59 (GMT Time)

Comments:Ha ha, so now perjury's not such a big deal, huh? It was the end of the world when Bill Clinotn lied about something that wasn't very important, but now that we got one of youre guys your not so happy about it. Ha ha.
March 19, 2007 16:06:53 (GMT Time)

Comments:It's been awhile since we heard from Marie . . .
March 19, 2007 16:06:12 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Escalator Rider
Comments:We tried to find Gravity Hill one day and couldn't ever get it to work. That whole loop is one way now.
March 9, 2007 00:34:19 (GMT Time)

Comments:Gees, you are behind the times. The preferred entertainment method for broke people (and one my kids still take their friends on today, thank you very much) is to go up by where the old Primary Children's Hospital used to be and go down the hills, speed up on the down (making the vrooming sound) and slow down as the hills start going up (stomping on the brakes and making a screeching sound helps). The kids think they're on a roller coaster and you don't have to mortgage your house to go to Lagoon.
March 7, 2007 01:54:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Mark Martin Fan
Comments:Advertising dollars. Race cars are a lot less annoying than the stupid ads they run to convince you to join the Army. I have the end of that race on tape, BTW. A classic. Wouldn't be surprised if it showed up in a Gravity Gran Prix video somewhere.
February 27, 2007 17:55:04 (GMT Time)

Comments:Maybe NASCAR is the new Army training ground -- channel your road rage, take it Iraq ;)
February 27, 2007 14:19:51 (GMT Time)

Comments:Why does the Army sponsor a race car? It's okay for private companiesto spend their ad dollars at NASCAR, but Army dollars (i.e. tax money)should go to weapons.
February 27, 2007 14:08:19 (GMT Time)

Comments:Trolley Square. What else do you say? 18 year old Bosnian Refugee. Is no place safe anymore.?
February 14, 2007 01:20:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Manners
Comments:Probably the thing to do would be to get their attention then say "Excuse me, do you need me to leave--give you a little privacy?"
February 12, 2007 16:43:39 (GMT Time)

Comments:In my opinion, if someone is going to take a long pointless phone call at your house, you should treat them as they are treating you, if they had respect for you, THEY would go somewhere else to take the call. I just continue my conversation or possibly up the volume a little with whoever else is there, ignoring their waves until they get the hint and go somewhere else with their phone. It's not as though they had to sit there, it is a mobile phone.
February 12, 2007 15:32:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Mr. Manners
Comments:Nope. You're not obligated to sit quietly. Taking a long pointless phone call in someone else's house fall in the same category (to a lesser degree) than leaving your wrecked truck in the middle of the road. Did you catch the guy who took a cell phone call in the middle of David Letterman the other night? I thought it was a setup, but it really happened.
February 11, 2007 03:00:44 (GMT Time)

Name:Mz Manners
Comments:In this society (the world is my phone booth) what passes for etiquette? When someone is in my home and interrupts dinner to take a long, pointless phone call—tell me I’m not really expected to sit quietly and politely in my own kitchen so I don’t interrupt the phone call. Thanks. I didn’t think so.
February 10, 2007 14:22:49 (GMT Time)

Comments:Yep, ANS dead at 39 and before she could get those millions from her dead husband's estate. I hope my affairs are a LITTLE more in order when I die
February 8, 2007 23:53:12 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Parent
Comments:Didn't yell even a little bit. I couldn't any more than I could smack the puppy. I'm just glad I caught it that night before any serious freezing happened.
January 31, 2007 19:02:37 (GMT Time)

Comments:Nah! Jane Fonda didn't die. She just looks like she did.
January 31, 2007 17:56:39 (GMT Time)

Comments:That VerLee Hunt story in the news is heartbreaking. It also shows the lack of moral fiber in the country these days -- kind of like that kid who is now in prison for running from cops 95 mph in Murray when his only offense, 1st at that, was drunk driving and he would have gotten off with a slap on the hand. I'm not sure when responsibility and being a standup guy went away but I sure hope I raised my children better than that. It appears as though that close personal friend of yours is doing that. Now honestly, did you yell just a little bit at Jessie for what she did?
January 31, 2007 17:55:52 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Googler
Comments:Shoot! Wishful thinking, I guess
January 30, 2007 17:41:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Clueless
Comments:Jane Fonda died?
January 30, 2007 17:12:19 (GMT Time)

Comments:I guess Jane Fonda just needed one last protest under her belt before she died. If you're going to rally college kids to protest, you shouldn't look like their great grandmother.
January 30, 2007 14:25:19 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Conservative
Comments:Marie! So nice to hear from you. Funny, I don't remember ever bringing up Nancy Pelosi (as I sometimes like to call her). Hey, I'd love to chat, but there's a Boston album on my mp3 player that's requiring my immediate attention.
January 27, 2007 17:28:57 (GMT Time)

Comments:What are you talking about, blowing the entire neighborhood? That's the problem with you conservatives--sexually immature! Ha ha ha You probably think Nacy pelosi sleeps around too!
January 26, 2007 16:08:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Klondiker
Comments:Scoutmaster Bill had to leave after breakfast so we put off the race and the firebuilding and knots until he got back. We did pretty darn well in the race, but the boys couldn't remember the knots and SB voiced his theory that "We teach them these knots then they go home and play video games and forget them." Then he pointed out that he wished Danny Drew were there, 'cause, well, you know . . .
Then when another scout leader wandered by while they were doing knots he voiced the same opinion again. That's when I heard the call in my head to write the story. I wasn't sure that showing somebody a knot once in a meeting constitutes teaching it to them. I think he stated his opinion to three different people. Maybe there's some rule I don't know about that makes it become true once he's done that.
The rules for the firebuilding are that the boys had to do it and the leaders could "encourage." That's a kind way of saying keep your paws off. SB's brand of encouraging mostly consisted of telling the boys how crappy they were doing and how he had hoped they'd show more "leadership" in this event after screwing up the knots so bad.
Actually, young Danny Drew, in spite of a little history between us, is a pretty good kid. But only the three of us know that, so it won't ruin the story.
January 22, 2007 22:19:44 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Hazel's ex
Comments:Yeah, I figured since only three people read the blog and they all knew Hazel that was a good choice. I went back and changed it to Marie, because there was a tie-in to Hillary, (she was a screaming liberal) but nobody remembers her so it wasn't so funny.
And since only the three of us ever come in here, I can tell the story behind the Klondike poem. The little Mrs. was worried somebody would pick out who Scoutmaster Bill and young Danny Drew were, but I told her nobody in town sees my blog.
January 22, 2007 22:14:07 (GMT Time)

Comments:Especially edifying blog today. I'd forgotten about Hazel (it's amazing how you forget about pain). I agree with bluetooth. People walking through stores talking to themselves think they look so important, they just look stupid. And the crack about Hilary at the end - priceless. Keep up the good work. It's what keeps your repeat customer coming back.
January 22, 2007 16:45:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Klondiker
Comments:Actually the story is almost complete fiction. The scoutmaster who was casting dispersions wasn't me and didn't ever get his just desserts.
January 21, 2007 00:45:04 (GMT Time)

Comments:So it sounds like the Klondike was a rousing success! Was that the new winter gear that you got for Christmas that you ruined?
January 20, 2007 16:12:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Nation Builder
Comments:It's already started. It's a secret shadow government. Who do you think is responsible for the cherry flavored Hershey's kiss?
January 20, 2007 02:21:05 (GMT Time)

Comments:When was your new nation scheduled to start? I know you've been holding meetings.
January 19, 2007 14:24:51 (GMT Time)

Comments:Once again, glad to see you're keeping up the comedy format. With that said, my pork belly list is too long to itemize. Maybe we should just dig a mass grave and . . . oops better shut up.
December 30, 2006 16:49:05 (GMT Time)

Comments:Bizzare voice? That's a Kennedy trademark.
December 21, 2006 15:05:24 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Fact Notchecker
Comments:Oh . . . thanks. I didn't care enough to look it up. Bobby K Jr. is the one with the bizarre voice, right?
December 21, 2006 00:23:12 (GMT Time)

Comments:Actually, Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is still alive, although minus one leg from cancer. The guy you're talking about is the son of the 35th President of the US, John F. Kennedy, Jr. But after a while they all look the same anyway, hard drinking, impervious . . .
December 20, 2006 17:04:48 (GMT Time)

Comments:Glad to see you're keeping the comedy format up!
December 11, 2006 15:07:02 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy partygoer
Comments:Nope. That's just a side benefit.

Tell me you haven't worked with people that made you think "Seriously. What kind of woman sits across the dinner table from this guy thinking 'I'm so lucky to be married to this man of my dreams'?"
December 8, 2006 00:53:50 (GMT Time)

Comments:And all this time I thought company parties were so the company didn't have to pay you a Christmas bonus.
December 7, 2006 22:46:48 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Northerner
Comments:We went on a sleigh ride last night.
November 28, 2006 16:43:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Buffet Patron
Comments:Nobody showed up again for the coordination meeting on Hurricane Gap. I think that'll actually work out best. I'll just do it the way I want to and be done with it. Any chance you can come up and perform in case the acts keep dropping out on me?
November 28, 2006 16:25:06 (GMT Time)

Name:chief cook
Comments:Old hippies stay home on Thanksgiving and listen to Arlo Guthrie "You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant." How's everything in Hurricane Gap? Beautiful weather here, we went on a hayride last night.
November 28, 2006 15:50:02 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Auld Lang Syne
Comments:Lane! Whassup? Geez, if I'd have known you weren't keeping up with the blog I wouldn't have gone to all the trouble of being so crass. Drop me a line some time. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.
November 21, 2006 00:49:33 (GMT Time)

Comments:I haven't checked in on the blog lately. I'm glad to see you are still up to your usually witty antics. Hope everything is well for you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving. Lane
November 20, 2006 18:24:01 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Music Critic
Comments:Are you working at Home Depot now, or just spending 8 hrs/day shopping there?
November 20, 2006 15:23:30 (GMT Time)

Comments:In The Home Depot, it's Little Drummer Boy -- 6 versions in 3 hours. They sey the suicide rate is higher around the holidays. I've figured it out now, the employees of the stores who are forced to listen to drastically slowed down versions of Christmas music either kill someone else or themselves. I was ready to do it after 3 hours there. I was glad they'd switched to Rock when I got back from lunch or I may have jumped off one of the shelves.
November 18, 2006 16:18:28 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Voter
Comments:I'm sure all the propositions passed by the voters will shortly be rendered illegal by the courts (if they already haven't been). So are you all settled in now and ready for guests?
November 15, 2006 21:05:56 (GMT Time)

Comments:Illegal immigrants lost some ground in Az this election. English is our official language (77%) illegals suspected of felonies can't bail out of jail (77$) or receive punitive damages (73%) or take advantage of state services (71%). We did raise the minimum wage, didn't ban same-sex unions (52%).
November 10, 2006 15:55:19 (GMT Time)

Comments:We name people like Kevin Federline K-Fed so we can call him Fed-ex when Britney dumps him. The late show host's name was Jimmy Kimmel, in case you care.
November 10, 2006 02:18:47 (GMT Time)

Comments:Strange minds think alike. Yesterday I commented to Dave that you were sure doing a lot of cartoons these days and Dave said "It must be close to election time"
November 3, 2006 21:13:56 (GMT Time)

Name:Az desert rat
Comments:Hollywood (the land of bimbos, sex symbols, fake boobs) doesn't even pretend to be up to date on women's rights. (Not that you were speaking of women's rights.) Here in the Az sticks, females have been running for office and branding cattle since the Maycactus landed at Apache Lake.
November 2, 2006 16:06:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Banana Eater
Comments:Now's there's an analogy worthy of a cartoon.
October 31, 2006 19:07:30 (GMT Time)

Comments:Prodigal, hum, shows what I get for typing without researching. I always thought the fable of the prodigal son just meant that he was prodigal because he had been away and now he came back. Whoops!
October 31, 2006 14:07:12 (GMT Time)

Comments:The problem with all your analogies is that the liberals KNOW the muslims stand for all that other stuff, they just aren't smart enough to figure out that you have to eat the whole banana, not just the piece you like.
October 31, 2006 14:02:17 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Linguist
Comments:Oh . . . I always thought that prodigal meant "someone who lived in Arizona then went to a foreign country for awhile then moved back and should write a novel." Shows you how much I know.
October 27, 2006 21:05:00 (GMT Time)

Name:desert rat
Comments:Thanks for the welcome back, send me an e-mail sometime. How does a three-year vacation in Mexico qualify me as prodigal? prod·i·gal (pr¼d“¹-g…l) adj. 1. Rashly or wastefully extravagant. 2. Marked by rash or wasteful extravagance. 3. Giving or given in abundance; lavish or profuse. --prod·i·gal n. One who is given to wasteful luxury or extravagance.
October 27, 2006 17:54:32 (GMT Time)

Comments:Lemme check . . . nope.
October 24, 2006 05:43:27 (GMT Time)

Comments:Did I happen to mention that John McCain was the speaker at my college graduation back in the stone age. Does that mean I'm required to vote for him?
October 24, 2006 00:48:14 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Prognosticator
Comments:I'm guessing Condie won't even run. I think our choices are George Allen and John McCain. Mitt will run, but just to pay his dues for a future race. Maybe Jeb Bush will do a token run.
October 23, 2006 14:20:03 (GMT Time)

Comments:After watching the Hillary/Condie video, I'm starting to pack and run for the border. Are these our only options? I guess all the sane people are sane enough to stay away from the White House.
October 23, 2006 13:26:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Welcoming Committee
Comments:Yes! Welcome back to the land of the free and the home of the Arizona Rattlesnakes . . . er, um, I mean Diamondbacks.
October 20, 2006 22:20:31 (GMT Time)

Comments:Yeah, well at least you have one person reading your site. I even have it bookmarked. It's #5 on my daily list -- sorry Gold Rush and 3 job search sites beat you out for first look.
October 20, 2006 01:26:46 (GMT Time)

Comments:I just wanted to welcome the prodigal sister of Mr. Leany back into the US!
October 20, 2006 01:25:37 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy cartoonist
Comments:Thanks. :o) Do you ever get the feeling we're the only ones that ever come in here?
October 20, 2006 00:10:00 (GMT Time)

Comments:Great Hillary/Bill Cartoon!
October 18, 2006 00:21:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Euphemizer
Comments:Thanks. And thanks 2.3 million metric bunches for the 9/11 video. That was incredible! I don't know if I should be embarassed to say that we watched that before I listened to the car noises CD.
October 1, 2006 23:21:52 (GMT Time)

Comments:I must say that I vote "energy wasted in the tailpipe" the best euphemism ever!
September 29, 2006 14:33:57 (GMT Time)

Comments:Come on, don't sugarcoat it, how do you REAALY feel about Rosie? Love the way you put a different body on her in the prostitution arrests!
September 20, 2006 15:49:35 (GMT Time)

Comments:Just for the record, Rocky and I were drinking buddies back in the 80's. He made a great drinking buddy, a lecherous idiotic party guy. I now don't live in the same town as him, and am no longer partying myself, but I still know one thing about Rocky, he was an idiot then, I wasn't. I'm still not an idiot, you can bet your bottom dollar he still is. I only have one question for the citizens of SLC. How in the HELL did he become mayor? TWICE!!!!!
September 15, 2006 15:40:30 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Plagiarist
Comments:Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. I didn't write the democrat/republican thing. I got it in an e-mail. Been very busy but I don't think it's all that fun. Winter's coming and the little farm isn't nearly ready. I thought it would calm down after the race . . .
September 10, 2006 00:10:24 (GMT Time)

Comments:I've shared your Democrat or Republican with dozens of people. Some of your best work. Worth the wait.
September 8, 2006 15:19:10 (GMT Time)

Comments:Yep, I'm a Redneck. Hey, why wouldn't the wife let you take it to the Taxidermist. The mount would fit well on the wall in your trophy room between the neighbor who decided to improve your property and the guy who stole your cat.
September 7, 2006 14:57:52 (GMT Time)

Comments:Your blog has been kind of boring lately :) You must be pretty busy, hope you're doing something fun. xxoo
September 4, 2006 21:01:50 (GMT Time)

Comments:How'd Salem Days Go?
August 17, 2006 15:53:14 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Organizer
Comments:It went great. Lots of things I should've done differently, but everybody was happy . . . well, almost everybody. One little girl was heartbroken that she didn't win anything this year. Her worthless bum of an old man was too busy building a ramp to optimize either her car or her brother's.
August 15, 2006 19:28:53 (GMT Time)

Comments:Welcome back! How went the derby?
August 15, 2006 15:31:30 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Colbert Watcher
August 3, 2006 14:22:19 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Video Editor
Comments:I'll send you the video right after the race. Shouldn't take but a couple of hours to put that together, but I've been swamped with this thing.
August 3, 2006 13:29:17 (GMT Time)

Comments:Steven Colbert rocks. I have no idea who he is, but I'd vote for Wexler due to the fact that Steven Colbert had him on his show and he PLAYED along. PLAY is the key word here. The hypercritical times need to be over. Lighten up world.
July 27, 2006 11:55:09 (GMT Time)

Comments:Glad to see you mentioned the wedding. Still waiting for the video. Moneyhun (the attorney) in that case is getting dismissed for conflict of interest since he was the County Attorney who arrested him n the first place. It just keeps getting better!
July 25, 2006 00:03:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Headline Writer
Comments:Wow. Somebody thinks my career as a blogger hasn't fizzled . . .
June 26, 2006 13:38:44 (GMT Time)

Comments:If your carreer as a blogger ever fizzles, you can always get a career writing headlines for newspapers. The captions draw me in!
June 20, 2006 12:28:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Diversifier
Comments:No color change necessary. Just follow Ward Churchill's model and say you're a member of any race you want. No basis in fact necessary.
June 15, 2006 19:42:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Big sis
Comments:Where can I change my color so I can commit atrocities? I'm tired of a half black VP in our company being able to run roughshod over all of us who had to work our way up (as opposed to being an idiot playing the race card).
June 15, 2006 09:58:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Line Stander
Comments:Dave Barry did a piece on the loss of civility here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1647313/posts
June 14, 2006 16:24:32 (GMT Time)

Comments:Rude people rely on the good manners (or aversion to confrontation) of those behind them in line. And other people realize they (probably) won
June 14, 2006 13:07:03 (GMT Time)

Name:big sis
Comments:I'm amazed. Your intermittent explosive disorder didn't cause you to punch out a bunch of teens whose parents should have been sterilized. What's up?
June 14, 2006 12:24:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Big Sis
Comments:It's a free country. Do a link to things you like but put a warning and put it somewhere where we have to know where it is before you link
May 27, 2006 16:32:43 (GMT Time)

Name:Gumpy Comic
Comments:I'll check out the comedy central link. There's another one like that I'd like to link to because he does some really funny political jabs at liberals, but he also posts the Saturday boobage, so I can't link to him.
May 24, 2006 19:38:16 (GMT Time)

Name:Grumpy Ambrose Bierce
Comments:Made it back fine, but, due to the canyon being closed, too late to call and let you know.
May 24, 2006 19:35:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Big Sis
Comments:I take it from the posting in your blog that you made it home safe the night before last (although, it appears, quite a bit later than expected). If not, when's the funeral due to the fiery crash?
May 24, 2006 11:42:00 (GMT Time)

Comments:Have you heard of Carlos Mencia? You can check out his site at comedycentral.com, but beware, he has a potty mouth. He calls himself a beaner and has some cool stuff to say about immigration. The black man said: "Hey honky, don
May 17, 2006 16:37:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Valerie Meriwether
Comments:Test this cyberterrorists!
May 16, 2006 02:56:27 (GMT Time)

Comments:Here we go again. To the three people every year who say "I'd love to give that blogger some feedback, but e-mail is just so much bother," here you go.

Here's to hoping that this little feature isn't the electronic equivalent of Velcro shoe fasteners.

May 16, 2006 00:05:32 (GMT Time)


When I had to disable this feedback service I posted the following rant . . . which is really just a bonus Leany on Life.

To the untrained eye this may appear to be a guestbook that has been discontinued. It's not.

It's a symptom that our society is doomed.

The day that the law provides for spammers to have their doors kicked in and be drug into the streets and shot through the head in full view of the neighborhood is the day I'll rescind that prophecy.

I can hear you gasping. "You Nazi!" you're saying. "You totalitarian destroyer of liberties! As soon as you start trampling the freedom of spammers your own freedoms are destroyed."

I don't despise you for holding those erroneous beliefs. I pity you. You may not really be a complete idiot like you sound; you may merely be a victim of a sophistry that preys on weak minds.

I'm just grateful you're a school teacher or librarian and not a barber. I don't want to find myself in your chair expecting a trim and going out bald and missing an ear. "Once you start trimming hair you just never know where it's going to lead!" (Proving the old adage that there is no issue so complex that it cannot be explained using a barber analogy.)

If you are appalled at the idea of spammer brains being used as asphalt decoration, please do us a favor by continuing to fight for pornography in public libraries and staying away from the medical profession. I thank God that you aren't in a position to tell a cancer patient "We can't operate on your tumor because once we start cutting it out of your neck there's nothing to keep us from surgically removing your heart, kidneys, and sphincter." (Proving the old adage that every sentence is 23% funnier if it contains the word 'sphincter.')