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The Blind Senator and the Elephant

A senator from New York state
(Who's not from there at all)
Approached a giant elephant
That stood firm, broad and tall,
And determined that she'd try
To make that great beast fall.

She approached the elephant
Stealthily from behind
And made some observations
That prove the lady's blind.
She tried to use the elephant's
Rear end to read its mind.

Once she was quite certain
That her face was on TV
She said "Trent Lott's a racist
And so it's plain to see
The entire party is that way."
And thus spake Hillary.

So from examining the rear
Of the beast and not its face
She is able to conclude
That the whole party's base
As manifest by this one man
Is "exploitation of race."

She may be deaf as well as blind
If she has never heard
A fellow democrat opposed
To mongrels (that's his word
For blacks) in our armed forces.
That's the opinion of Senator Byrd.

So following her example
Life is greatly simplified.
Just judge the whole by one small part
The logic's cut and dried.
All democrats are liars
'Cause I saw one once that lied.

Employing Hillary's reasoning,
That Indians walk in single files,
Because she saw one once that did,
We jump to conclusions in piles.
Those democrats from Arkansas.
Must all be pedophiles.

What Clinton says is you can pick
Out anyone you say;
Like Andrea Yeates to represent
The women of this day.
Or Michael Jackson as a proof
All black men are that way.

And everything that I might ever
Really need to know
About environmentalists
Is that they like to blow
Up people with their letter bombs
Cause Kaczynski did it so.

Didn't that same senator
Say Palestinians were right
And we here in this country
Should help them in their fight?
Well, some of them on 9-11
Were dancing in delight.

And so this sightless senator
Should give some serious thought
To whether she would like to play
By rules she set with Lott.
And if from her glass house she should
Throw more stones. I think not.

Frank Leany

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