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NEXT DERBY: August 31st, 2019
(If we can generate enough interest)

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Payson City may cancel the race.

Last year we had no one (this is not a typo) show up to race. The only two cars were the ones I brought.

Payson City contacted me asking if there was any interest in continuing the race. They are making plans for Onion Days right now (4/19/19) so I need to get back with them soon. Maybe Labor Day weekend is a bad time for people to be in town and to spend time on the race.

Please contact me at fleany "at" gmail.com if you are interested in seeing the race continue--preferably if you're interested enough to build or race a car. There are enough cars out there we could find you one to drive if you aren't able to build one. But building a car is a lot of fun.

If we do have a race it will go like this:

There is NO FEE to race. We are trying to keep it simple, so in addition to having no registration fee, you show up by 2:00 pm on Saturday to register.

Please tell everyone you know about this.

Here is the .pdf file of the rules for the race. (Last Updated 4/25/19) Clicking on "Racer's Packet" above gets you the same thing.

Meet on the north side of 100 S on 500 E by 2:00 if you plan to race. That's the street just west of Peteetneet at the bottom of the hill.

Even though there is not a pre-registration it would be very helpful if you contact me if you are planning to race. Also, please ask about any questions or concerns you have about the rules. Above all we want this to be a safe event.

The new electronic scoring system made everything go much smoother and faster. We hope to be able to implement some more improvements to that this year.

Spanish Fork is done with the derby. Payson is the last holdout. If we don't race this year I'm afraid it's gone for good. That thought doesn't trouble me as much as it should; I don't have the energy for this that I used to. I'm willing to do the work if people have the interest, but I'm not going to force my hobby on anyone.

Looks like my little pipe dream of a Utah Valley Racing League is not going to happen.

If you have any questions please contact me at:
      fleany 'at' gmail.com

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Results of the 2013 Race
You need to check out this story Fox 13 Utah did on the race.
1. Porter Black
2. William Black
3. Shaylee Leftwich
Jacob Stueck
Ranson McConahay
Alyssa McConahay
1. Taten McConahay
2. Calen
3. Andrew Jones
Preston McConahay
Heather Hope
1. Russ McConahay
2. Jordan Leany
3. Eric McConahay
Roger Hope
Roxanne Miller
Randy McKean

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