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Useful Derby Links

I guess you can do a Google search as easily as I can, but here are some sites that I've found to have some useful information to spark ideas for your own Soap Box Derby racer.

(Half of these have disappeared since I posted them.)

If you find some other good ones, be sure to let me know and I'll post 'em.

   Description of the wheels used for this racer. They used to be part #36054; not sure what's going on.

1964 Soap Box Race 
    Great piece on a 1964 Soap Box Derby. Includes a copy of the rule book from back then.

Derby Tech Magazine 
     Articles on aerodynamics, axle alignment, driving techniques, etc.

Soap Box Racer Steering 
     Mission Museum's site on the derby race. Interesting information, historical stuff, and photos. Includes plans and instructions for building a car to AASBD specs.

Soap Box Racer Steering 
     An excerpt of the section on steering. Also links to other interesting soap box derby information.

All-American Soap Box Derby downloads
     Complete plans and rules for all divisions of All-American Soap Box Derby racers

     Children's books about Soap Box Derby racing

Fox 13 Utah news story about Salem Derby 
    Fox 13 came out and shot video of the 2013 race. They put together a pretty good news story about it.

Provo Herald Articles about local soap box derby races 
    Newspaper story about the American Fork soap box derby.

Springville neighborhood race 
    A neighborhood in Springville put together an informal soap box derby race. Here's the newspaper article about it.

American Fork race 
    Newspaper story about the American Fork soap box derby.



The Salem City Gravity Gran Prix does not follow the rules for All-American Soap Box Derby. The idea behind our event is to allow everyone that wants to build a car the chance to complete on a level playing field . . . uh, or a field that goes downhill at the same slope.

We've tried to make the rules as simple and as open as possible without sacrificing safety while still maintaining enough control so that someone with a lot of resources can't dominate the event and reduce the fun for others.

The links on this page are meant to give you ideas and help you get started. They are not intended as hard and fast guidelines. If you have any questions refer to the rules or contact the race organizers.


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