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Useful Derby Links

I guess you can do a Google search as easily as I can, but here are some sites that I've found to have some useful information to spark ideas for your own Soap Box Derby racer. While there is a lot of useful technical information available in these links, the cars for the Gravity Gran Prix on this site are not restricted to the rules of the All-American Soap Box Derby.

The internet is so dynamic that a lot of these links disappear after I post them. I can't promise I'll keep up on removing broken links.

If you find some other good ones, be sure to let me know and I'll post 'em.

--- Derby Tech ---

Ramp Weight     How to use the slope of the ramp to get the weight of a derby car

Scaling a derby car     Building a scale replica of an existing car

Cabrillo Middle School Workshop
Derby Car Build Videos

Day 1, conception
Day 2, Widening the base
Day 3, base
Day 4, back wheels
Day 5 , Steering
Day 6, the brake
Day 7, Steering
Day 8, Steering
Day 9, body panels
Day 10, Da hood

Champions Journey YouTube Channel     "We plan to take you along step-by-step as our family race team contends for a record sixth US National Championship in 2020"     Champions Journey, Tuning for Speed

Ultimate Soap Box Derby Car Build

Red Bull Racing's ultimate soapbox-building guide 
    Tips and hints on building a soap box racer.

The Surprising Complexity of Soapbox Derby Racing
    Article by a guy who built a soapbox car with his son.

--- Derby STEM ---

Derby Tech and science     Internal page

Masters of Gravity      Project based on the All American Soap Box Derby designed for the 5th- and 6th grade classrooms. Combines racing and learning in a fun process to catch children's attention and increase their interest in learning. Consists of TV programs, classroom activities and a Teacher Guide

Physics Involved in Soap Box Derby Racing 
Explanation of the physics of Soap Box Derby Racing. Potential Energy, Acceleration, Kinetic Energy, Aerodynamics, Center of Mass, Balance, Moment of Inertia, Vibration, Friction . . . 53 pages, .pdf file.

Girls in STEM, science behind Akron’s Soap Box Derby

Mastering Physics 1—Soapbox Derby

Mastering Physics 2—Soapbox Derby

Soap Box Derby Senior Design Project      Report on a University of Akron Mechanical Engineering senior design project to build a soap box racer, .pdf file.

AutoZine article on aerodynamics      Aerodynamics article from AutoZine. Drag and Lift, Aerodynamic Aid, Spoiler, Undertray, Ground Effect.
Probably more applicable to motorized vehicles (you don't want ground effects on a gravity racer).

Soapbox physics, is heavier better?

--- Internal Resources ---

Wagon Wheeler
     This is the story that got me interested in Soap Box Derby racing when I was a kid.

Gravity Gran Prix Race Results Table
     Table of the participants in the Gravity Gran Prix throughout the years

     Documents about how to run a derby race; brackets and other such stuff

Guiding Principles
     The three principles behind how we structure the race

    Description of the wheels used for this racer. They change the part number from time to time.

Timing Files Zip Folder

--- AASBD Information and History ---

All-American Soap Box Derby Racing Program
Complete plans and rules for all divisions of All-American Soap Box Derby racers

Plans for building a racer
    Complete drawings and instructions for building a soap box derby racer in 2017 (to AASBD specs).
This is interesting and has some good information, but remember that this Gravity Gran Prix is not affiliated with the AASBD and does not follow the same rules and specifications.

1964 Soap Box Race 
    Great piece on a 1964 Soap Box Derby by someone who competed in it. Includes a copy of the rule book from back then.

1964 Soap Box Derby Rules and Guidelines 
    Excerpt from the 1964 All-American Soap Box Derby rulebook with guidelines for building a car.

Smithsonian, Soap Box Racing National Craze

How the Soapbox Derby Came to Be
    and the video

--- Features and Stories ---

Mission Museum Soap Box Page
    Mission Museum's site on that town's derby race. 1948 race

Red Bull funny moments 2022
    Good entertainment. In our race we try to avoid fodder for videos of this sort.

    Children's books about Soap Box Derby racing
    Other Books about Soap Box Derby racing
    A Look Back at the All-American SBD, 1946-1959
    Champions, Cheaters, Childhood Dreams preview

Fox 13 Utah news story about Salem Derby 
    Fox 13 came out and shot video of the 2013 race. They put together a pretty good news story about it.
    I can't get the video to play. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Provo Herald Articles about local soap box derby races
    I can't vouch for the reliability of this link.
    It sometimes shows you a story but gives you an error when you click on it.
    Disappointment . . . sigh . . .


This Gravity Gran Prix does not follow the rules for the All-American Soap Box Derby. The idea behind our event is to give everyone who wants to build a car the chance to complete on a level playing field . . . uh . . . or a field that goes downhill at the same slope.

We've tried to make the rules as simple and as open as possible without sacrificing safety, while still maintaining enough control so that someone with a lot of resources can't dominate the event and reduce the fun for others.

The links on this page are meant to give you ideas and help you get started. They are not intended as hard and fast guidelines. If you have any questions refer to the rules or contact the race organizers.


Last Revised: 11.12.23
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