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The best way for you to enjoy pictures from our derby is to go to our our Facebook page and look at the shared albums there.

Things have changed since we started running this thing. We used to have an official photographer and videographer, and we'd make a DVD every year. Now everybody there has a digital camera in their phone and they take the pictures they want. On top of that, there are photo sharing websites out there that do a better job than I do uploading pictures to my page.

Let me know if you have better ideas about how to share pictures of our derby (or if you even give a crap, come to think of it. This page gets less hits than Rosie O'Donnell in a singles' bar.)

You really need to check out these old pictures of soap box derbies in the Midwest for images like this one:

They come from this very cool site.

Here are Flickr pictures that come up with the search terms "Soap Box." They are not necessarily really cool old pictures like the ones you undoubtedly checked out before on my hearty recommendation.

Images from the 2004 Salem City Gravity Gran Prix

Here are some thumbnails from our very first Gravity Gran Prix. I've removed the pictures from this site to conserve server space. If you see a photo here you'd like e-mail me at derby*at* (I can't put the @ symbol in the address or the worms the cyberterrorists use will find it and I'll get spammed to death.) Be sure to include the image filename


Many thanks to all the helpers, participants and spectators
who helped make this event a smashing (so to speak) success!
We'll see you next year.

Salem City Gravity Gran Prix has no affiliation with The All-American Soap Box Derby