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Leany on Logic
Links to my favorite readings on logic and reasoning

You Are Wrong Because

Scott Adams's treatise on names for logical fallacies. I had this posted on the original site that got blasted. I keep whining about that, don't I?  (Is that a logical fallacy--whinicus ex webimus?)

Love is a Fallacy

Must read short story about Love and Logic and how never the twain shall meet. Another post of the same story.

And this one on accounta' 'cuz the other ones keep going away.

Logical Fallacies by Type

This list is very handy and easy-to-read because it organizes fallacies by type. This approach makes better sense than an alphabetical list.

The Square of Opposition

The square of opposition diagrams the relationship of types of premises in a traditional syllogism. Here's another more simplified explanation of the same thing. And one more that employs Venn diagrams to illustrate the concept.

List of Logical Fallacies

A blog that talks about fallacious reasoning. Includes an easy-to-read list of common fallacies and then the excellent Scott Adams list "You are wrong because . . ."

Big ol' Honkin' List of the Logical Fallacies

This is just a list of a whole bunch of common logical fallacies that I posted on my site because I was too lazy to rebuild the pages that got 86ed when the Reagan.com sites disappeared. Useful, interesting and educational, just not prettily formatted. You can Google a great many good lists of fallacies on the net.

Logic Chat

This is a snapshot of a chatroom in the late 90s. Believe it or not, the chatters are based on real characters and a lot of the dialog is cut and pasted from actual posts. See if you can figure out which of the chatters is the brutally clever writer of the Leany on Life blog.

Free Republic Course on Logic

The reason I link to the last course is because they aren't threaded together from the start forward. Scroll down to see the list of the previous installments. If he's posted additional lessons since this you can click on one of the search terms and find them.

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